Aug 2011|Vol 8|Issue 8


Success stories on Infertility


       Infertility affects every aspect of a couple’s life, their marriage, sex life, social relationships and finances. For many couple, infertility can become the central issue of their lives, both as individuals and as a couple. Infertility rate is high in our country, lots of women have been anxious to conceive and have a “lucky baby”. Infertility is generally a complex problem, and may involve one or both partners.

       Male partner usually present sperm disorders like Azoospermia, Oligospermia, abnormalities in Morphology and Motility. The most common causes would be Varicocele, cysts and Urinary tract infections. Mumps also have some impact on spermatogenis Most of the men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Life style factors like Stress, Smoking, Alcoholism and sexual perversions also have some indulgence.

      Female partner commonly become infertile when she has irregularity in periods as reported frequently with Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease and Hypothyroidism. Tubal block is a common complaint in secondary infertility, often a sequel of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Fibroids may interfere with pregnancy

      Interpersonal problems encounters large numbers of infertile couples, many of them are obsessed with sexual contact. The couple needs more counseling as a primary part of the treatment rather than medicines or assisted reproduction techniques.

      Infertility is a complex problem a male or a female partner may have a problem, sometimes both may have a problem.

Dynamis Homoeo Trust organized a National Seminar “Infertility Update 2011” at Hotel Le Jardin, Erode.

Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, speaker on the topic “Success Stories on Infertility” is given here.

He can be contacted at 9677155811.

Case 1: A Case of severe Oligospermia with left sided Varicocele

      A male aged 28 years had presented Giddiness with Nausea and vomiting since one year. Took modern medications for sometime with the diagnosis of positional vertigo. He was improved with prescription of Causticum in 1M potency, which was prescribed on the understanding of psoric manifestations. Later when he came for further follow up he brought his wife and told they are anxious to conceive since one year. He showed the reports of his wife which were normal and her menstrual cycle also regular with sufficient flow.

      He was advised for seminal analysis which reported only 0.5 millions,(Refer Plate I) the ultra sonogram of the testes revealed left side Varicocele. He was prescribed Nux Vomica in 200C potency and follow ups with Nitric Acid 200. Nux vomica was prescribed based on the symptoms constructive pain in the scrotum and levying his constitution. Nitric Acid was prescribed as a follow up drug based on the symptom offensive urine and also warty growths. After three months his wife got conceived (Refer plate II).

Case 2: A Case of Bilateral Varicocele

      A male aged 39 years, who was longing for a child since three years consulted me for low sperm count with bilateral varicocele. He narrated that after one year of married life the couple underwent routine check up; seminal count was 5.3 Millions with 14% motility. The scrotal doppler reported right sided hydrocele, with internal infection. Bilateral Varicocele and thickened spermatic cord revealing past infection. He was advised to undergo surgery.

      General examination was carried out for the surgical fitness which stated that there was elevation in blood pressure 180/120 mm of Hg and the Echo cardiogram gave the impression as mild left ventricular hypertrophy. A Urologist took care of him and he suspected some internal pathology connecting the left ventricular hypertrophy and varicocele. He directed him to undergo a Renal doppler which stated as bilateral renal artery stenosis more significant of left side. MRI angiography was carried out for further probing which stated that the abdominal arterial system was disorganized and distorted. There are calcification and stenosis found in coeliac artery, renal artery and superior mesentric artery. With few anastomozing branches also recognized.To proceed further Renal Angiogram was carried out which illustrated as left kidney is perfused and contracted. The left kidney was functioning 37% and the right kidney as 63%.

      Despite of these lot of complaints, the patient underwent Right side Hydrocelectomy and Microscopic varicocele ligation in 2006. Repeated sperm analysis had shown ups and downs and the maximum was 13 Millions. Then they tried natural way and then tried initially with IUI, then IVF in a fertility center, and then finally the doctors advised him to go for adoption.

      He was much desperate and depressed which lead him to a psychiatric consultation. He also advised him to adopt a child. They were desperate and finally they opted Homoeopathic treatment. Her wife conceived surprisingly after a period of three months. Nux Vomica was prescribed based on the constitution of the patient, Haemamelis Q was prescribed to expedite cure on similimum basis and the remedy has affinity over the capillary system so it is called as “Aconite of the capillary system”. After three months his wife became pregnant and delivered a female baby.

Case 3: A Case of Oligospermia with Urethral Injury

      A male aged 33 years old consulted for low sperm count and his wife was not able to conceive since 4 years of married life. He is tall, medium built employed in a software company. His past history revealed primary complex in childhood, migraine and underwent herniorrhaphy. He had been treated with modern medicine. The sperm count was 3.5 millions (Refer Plate III)and advised for IUI. The patient preferred Homoeopathic treatment and received Lycopodium as constitutional drug and Selenium for the successive follow ups and the count improved to 11 Millions(Refer Plate IV).

      Meanwhile the patient had met with an accident while driving his car to his native place. He had been treated for urethral passage injury and also Scrotal Haematoma (Refer Plate V). After recovery he was unable to perform sexual act due to pain and also had erectile dysfunction. He also reported slow flow which made a suspicion of stricture of urethra. Based on the symptomatology Nitric Acid 200 was prescribed with his constitutional drug Lycopodium in 1M potency. He regained his erectile function after few months and his seminal analysis also reported only 2 millions initially. After few months he came with the positive report and stated that his wife is pregnant. The pelvic scan revealed gestational age of 10 weeks. She delivered a female baby after the gestational period (Refer Plate VI).

Case 4: A Case on Infertility with PCOD and Oligospermia

      A couple longing for a child since 4 years opted homoeopathic treatment. The male partner is fair, mild and tall. His seminal count was around 12.5 to 15 Millions and his imaging studies ruled out pathological vegetations. The symtomatology leads to the prescription of Lycopdium in 1M potency

      The female partner after 2 years got conceived and it was aborted. The female partner underwent checkup which revealed PCOD and a seedling fibroid in the anterior wall which was removed by surgery and Diagnostic laparoscopy was done and found both ovaries were sclerotic. Gynecologists advised surgery.

      Understanding the miasmatic influence the first prescription was Thuja lM followed with Radium Brom 200. After three months they came with the positive report. The medicines were repeated until the full term and finally she delivered the baby under caesarian section. Recently she reported that I am carrying my second baby without treatment.

Case 5: A Case of Infertility with multifaceted disorders

      A couple longing for a child since 10 years had been successfully treated with Homoeopathy. The female partner was suffering with PCOD and Hypothyroidism and the Male partner with Oligospermia. The male partner was 44 years old. After one year of marriage he underwent a check up of his seminal count 14 million and the imaging studies revealed Hydrocele. He had Loss of libido with pain in both knee joints. He received Lycopodium in 1M potency and Salix nigra Q was prescribed when he experienced pain in the testes and loss of libido. His seminal count raised from 14 million to 115 million after homoeopathic treatment.

      The female partner was aged 32 years. Initially after one year of marriage she underwent a routine checkup, hypothyroidism was ruled out and hormone replacement therapy was advised. After few years she underwent laparoscopic surgery for poly cystic ovaries and drilling was also done. Some physicians advised her to do D& C and postponed to continue the medicines for hypothyroidism. She gave off all medications and finally opted for homoeopathy. Her first prescription was Calc.carb 200 on the constitutional basis alone, later she had been prescribed Thuja lm understanding the miasmatic block. Fucus Vesiculosis Q was prescribed on the basis of organ affinity. After few months of treatment, surprisingly she conceived and delivered a male baby.

Case 6: A case of PCOD, Tubal Block and Oligospermia

      A couple was longing for child since three years preferred homoeopathic treatment, after taking treatment at few fertility centers. The male partner aged 32, had low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. He was an alcoholic for many years. He had been prescribed Nux Vomica 1M and Nuphar Leuteum Q 5 drops tds.

      The female partner aged 28 years got married 8 years back to another male, divorced after two years, since she was not able to conceive. Again she married five years before and underwent check up, imaging studies revealed Bilateral Poly cystic Ovary. Her periods were irregular, Later she had been reported tubal block. She was prescribed Thuja 1M as an anti Sycotic remedy and Nitric Acid as a follow up drug. Fraxinus Americana Q 5 drops tds also prescribed. After three months she reported with Positive Grave Index.

Case 7: A Case of infertility with Oligopermia, Varicocele and PCOD

      A couple longing for child since 2 years opted Homoeopathic treatment after assisted reproduction techniques and treatment. They underwent checkup after five months of their married life and reported that both have problems.

      The male partner aged 34 years had low sperm count, which was a sequel of bilateral varicocele. The seminal count ranged 6 millions and had been treated with hormonal injections too. He received Selenium 200 based on the symptoms and also advised to take Haemamelis Q 5 drops tds which was prescribed on organopathic affection. The count raised to 23 millions

      The female partner aged 33 years having her menstrual cycles regularly at 33- 35 days interval. Her pelvic scan reported retroverted and bulky Uterus and ovaries resulting Poly Cystic on both sides(Refer Plate VII). Initially they tried IVF but failed, when laparoscopic surgery was advised they opted homoeopathic treatment. She was prescribed with Thuja IM understanding the miasmatic influence in her body. After three months, she conceived and delivered a female baby(Refer Plate VIII).


      Homoeopathy renders a great service to the community in handling hazards of infertility both in male and female partners. Even though the Assisted Reproduction Techniques are very popular in the modern era, the scope can be limited to severe cases and congenital anomalies. Homoeopathy Medicines art much cheaper to fit the low middle class families and also hopeful chance for frustrated couple.