Aug 2012|Vol 9|Iss 8

A case of Oligospermia with Varicocele


Oligosperimia with varicocele is one of the commonest cause of infertility. Dr.R.Gnanasambandam presents here a case of oligosperimia with varicocele, treated successfully. He can be contacted at 6, Lloyd's II lane, Royapettah, Chennai- 600014


         A male aged 28 years consulted me for giddiness since one year. Initially he had giddiness with nausea vomiting consulted a physician and underwent treatment. He also had roaring in ears. He was provisionally diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. He opted Homoeopathic treatment for a change. His complaints were worse on lying down. He additionally had the tendency to take cold often and dry, sore throat always.

        He was prescribed with Causticum 1M and better with all complaints. After two months he told that he was longing for a child and preferred to take treatment. I asked him to him to do seminal analysis which reported very low sperm count, only 0.5 ml. (Refer Plate I). Proceeding further I asked him for USG of testes and appendages which revealed left sided varicocele (Refer Plate II).

Past History

Had fever with cold often
Had chickenpox when studying 9th standard
No trauma, surgery, hospitalization.

Family History

        Family history of Diabetes, High Blood pressure.

Physical generals

Complexion – Medium
Built- Tall, thin
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat - Normal
Sleep - Normal
Food Type - Non Vegetarian
Has the habit of tea and coffee.

Mental Generals

        Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm.

First Prescription                           15/08/09

• Causticum 1 M tds on empty stomach
• Placebo for 14 days.

Follow Ups  


        The patient received causticum as totality of symptom and its expression of symptoms in pseudo psoric manifestation. He received Nux vomica on mental expression as suppression of anger and its surface miasm, the expression called Nitric Acid as induration, pain. Haemamelis is prescribed to expedite cure considering its specific action on the venous system.