Dec 2018|Volume 15|Issue 12
Dec 2018|Vol 15|Issue 12

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    New theme… Auto immune Disease… Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

Dr. P.M.Keerthana
Dr. Ravindra Singh
      Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures for Hair Care Dr. G. Jaysee John
      Homoeopathic Therapeutics for Hair fall Dr.Juthika Gogoi
      Therapeutic Profile of Premature Greying of Hair Dr.Sr.Soumya Peter
      Miasmatic Approach for the symptoms of Hair Dula Asma Mansur
      Homoeopathic Approach to Hair Care Dr. N. Sree Hanumantha Rao

Hunting Rubrics  
      Jealousy Dr. S. Prabhakaran

      A Case of Alopecia Areata Dr. S.N. Laxmi Prabha
      A Case of Trichoptilosis Dr.M.R Anjali

Clinical Experience  

College Focus  
    R.B.T.S Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital  

      FMHMC holds Decennium 18  
      Prof. Dr.K.A.Joseph receives Similimum Achiever Award  
      Vigilance Awareness week H.R.I.D Chennai  
      CME at VMHMC  
      Dr.P.N.Varma Passes Away  
      TNRHDA insists amendments to Clinical establishment Rules  

     Dr.R. Munir Ahmed Dr.D.Manju

Web peep   Dr.K.Savitha

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