Dec 2013|Vol 10|Iss12

A case of Eczema


Dr.E.Prasanna Babu
Homoeo Health Care Clinic
251/4, Gandhi Road,Next to Petrol bunk
Opposite Rangasamy Kulam Bus Stop
Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu – 631501



    A fifty three years old female came with eczematous eruptions in both foot and ankles since 3 years.
    Cracks & fissures with bleeding present
    Oozing like water with swelling present.
    She has Itching < Midnight +++, winter season+++, occasionally in day time; itching better by scratching ++
    Patient took allopathic treatment but not improved well.

Past history

    Not a known DM/ HT

Family history

    Father known tuberculosis patient

Treatment history

    Took allopathic treatment for eczema

Physical Generals

• Complexion - Dark
• Appetite - Good
• Thirst - Increased
• Stool - Regular
• Urine - Regular
• Sweat - Normal
• Sleep - Sleepless < itching and burning with oozing at night
• Desires - Cold food, & spicy foods
• Thermal - Can't tolerate winter season, eruption and itching increased


General physical examination

BP : 130 / 90 mm/Hg
Pulse : 70 beats /min
Wt :56 kgs,
Ht :152cms

Mental generals

    She was very much anxious & depressed, fear about future & her disease
    She is very calm nature, but easily anxious and restless < itching,
    Fear of death

Local Examination

    Eczematous eruptions on both foot and ankle joint, cracks and fissures with oozing on affected places.

Analysis of Symptoms

• Eczematous eruptions on both foot and ankles
• < night+++, winter season+++, occasionally in day time
• Better by scratching++
• Cracks & fissures with bleeding
• Oozing like water on affected places
• depressed, fear of her illness
• Fear of death
• Easily anxious and restless < itching,
• Desires: cold food, spicy food
• dark complexion
• Sleep –sleepless < itching and burning at night
• Thermal - Can't tolerate winter season, eruption and itching increased

Diagnosis of Disease


Diagnosis of Miasm


First Prescription                     17/08/12

    Petroleum 200 od for 15days

Follow Ups


        Petroleum was prescribed based on miasmatic and constitutional approach. The antipsoric remedies expelled suppressive symptoms and given complete recovery to the patient.(Refer the plates I,II,III and IV)