Feb 2017|Volume 14|Issue 2
Feb 2017|Vol 14|Issue 2

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     Kali Group …comprehensive study Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

Miss. S. Raja Leeza
Dr. J. D. Patil
      Kali Group- Different Stages of Life Miss Bansi S. Bhadaniya
      Success stories on Infertility Dr.R.Gnanasambandam
      Mental symptoms of Kali (Potassium) group Prof. Dr. M.S.Alam
      Constitution of Kali Group Miss.P.Padaya Urvi
      Kali Personality Miss. N. Chotaliya Anjali
      Why a law of cure, its necessity for diseases to cure them for the       waiting world? When? and How? Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel
      Kali Group Dr. K.Y.Nagapriya

      Kali Sulph in Psoriasis Dr.P.Mukundan
      Kali Bich in Sinusitis Dr. K. Anbu Kumaresan
      Kali Brom in Acne Dr. Jessy Markose
      Kali Carb in LBA Dr.S.Arun

College Focus  
    Dr.Allu Ramalingaiah Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital  

     Dr.Samir Kumar Nanda Dr. K.Savitha

Web peep  
     www.amvhb.org.br Dr.D.Manju

      AYUSH Minister inaugurates the North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy
      AYUSH-ASCI to regulate advertisements
      TNHMC publishes Medical Register in TN Gazette
      President election to CCH stayed

Medi Quiz