July 2017|Volume 14|Issue 7
July 2017|Vol 14|Issue 7

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     Natrum Group … vivid clinical studies Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

Dr. Umadevi Yarlagadda
Dr. K. Y. Naga priya
     The Natrums...an Overview Dr.Parth Aphale
     Comparative Study of Natrum Group Mr.J.Nirav Ganatra

      Natrum Mur in PCOS Dr.J.Prem Kumar
      Natrum Mur in Keratosis Dr.V.S.Kalyaanasundaram
      Natrum Mur in Psychosomatic Disorders Dr.J.P.Shimmal Chenthik
      Natrum Mur in Psoriasis and Vitiligo Prof.Dr.V.Kannan
      Natrum Mur in PCOD and Allergic Rhinitis Dr.Pavendhan
      Natrum Mur in Migraine Dr. Nishant Daryani
      Natrum Mur in Headache Dr.S.Anjana
      Natrum Mur in Hyperthyroidism Dr. Atul Rajgurav
      Natrum Mur in Headache Dr.K.V.Sathiya
      Natrum Mur in Migraine Dr.M.Kowsalya
      Natrum Mur in Infertility Dr.Megha
      Natrum Mur in Sinusitis Dr.S.Naina Mohamed
      Natrum Mur in Migraine Dr.K.R.K. Prabhakara Murthy
      Natrum muriaticum in Cattle warts Dr.Sivakumaran
      Natrum Mur in Hyperthyroidism Dr.N.G.Subashini
      Natrum Mur in Warts Dr.Sudha Jesuraja
      Natrum Mur in Constipation Dr. Bibin T. Varghese
      Natrum Mur in Sinusitis Dr.T.Kamala Rathi
      Natrum Mur in Anaemia Dr.Monalisa John
      Natrum Sulph in Rhinitis Dr. M.S. Dinesh Babu
      Natrum Sulph in Asthma Dr.G.Ananth
      Natrum Sulph in Cough Prof.Dr.A.T.Senthil Kumar
      Natrum Sulph in Asthma Dr.R.Rejin
      Natrum Sulph in Head Injuries Dr.N.Muthaiyan
      Natrum Sulph in Bronchitis Dr.R.Sakthi
      Natrum Carbonicum in fertility Dr.N.R.Jayakumar
      Soap allergy and Natrum Carb Dr.K.R Mansoor Ali
      Natrum Carb in Sterility Prof.Dr.K.Senthil Kumaran
      Natrum Salicylicum in Menopause Dr. Rekha Karnam Srinivasan
      Natrum Salicylicum in Meniere Disease Prof.Dr.G.Nagendra Babu
      Natrum silicatum Dr.T.D.Hemachandran
      Natrium Arsenicosum ..the ENT Remedy Prof.Dr. Shreepad Hegde
      Natrum Group Remedies Dr.T.Dharshiny
      Natrum Sulph in Head Injuries Dr.B.Dhanalakshmi
      Natrum Muriaticum in Skin Complaints Dr.Sandhya Kalidas
      Natrum mur in Uterine Prolapse Dr. Aparnasri
      Natrum Mur in Hypertension Dr. J. Anuradha
      Natrum sulph in acute polymorphic psychotic disorder Dr. V. Easwaramoorthy
      Natrum Ars in Hay fever Dr.K.Muthu Kumaran
      Natrum Sulph in Allergic Rhinitis Dr.Rani Supriya
      Natrum mur in Depression Dr. R. D. Pavalan
      Natrum Carb in Headache Dr.N.Parthiban

College Focus  
    Shree Janata Homoeopathic Medical College  

     Prof.Dr.P.K.Sudhir Dr. K.Savitha

Web peep  
     www.kqhda.com Dr.D.Manju

      National Homeopathic Research Institute in Mental Health inaugurated
      Karnataka Health Minister inaugurated 100 bedded Hospital
      Workshop on Clinical practice at Nagercoil
      AYUSH Courses through NEET from Next Session
      High Court bars Police Harassment

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