Jul 2014|Vol 11|Iss7

A case of Uterine fibroid with endometrial polyp


This case study is presented from AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Centre, treated by Dr. R. Gnanasambandam. A case of diabetes mellitus with uterine pathology had responded well to the miasmatic understanding.He can be contacted at 6, Llyod's II Lane Royapettah, Chennai -600014


      A female aged 42 years had been under Homoeopathic treatment for Diabetes Mellitus, Positional vertigo and joint pain. She presented her Ultrasongram report with impression
“Well defined hyperechoic lesion measuring 9.3X5.8 Cms noted within the endometroium. Thin rim of fluid noted collection noted within endometrium, Small fibroid measuring 12.6 X 7.0 mm noted in the posterior wall of the lower uterine segment (Refer Plate I)

     Initially the patient had been under the management for her high blood sugar complaints, managed effectively with Homoeopathic treatment and dietary regulations. She received Lycopodium, prescribed on the similarity. She also had giddiness in-between, diagnosed as positional vertigo, causticum gave immense relief. Her joint pain in knee, ankle was better with Bryonia and Rhus tox. The patient was well managed with the medicines.

     She developed pain in loins, worsen during periods, dragged her to undergo Ultrasongraphic findings, which found the above impression. She denied surgical intervention, confidently took Homoeopathic treatment

Family History
     Family history of similar problem found with his/her father, mother, and Family history of High Blood pressure. Mother had fibroid uterus

Physical Generals
Complexion - Medium
Stature - Normal
Frame - Obese
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat – Profuse
Body reaction - Hot
Sleep - Normal
Food Type - Non Vegetarian
Has the habits of taking tea and coffee

Mental Generals
     Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm and quite

Menstrual History
     Menstruating, Periods are regular

Obstetric History
     Married, has 2 sons

First Prescription          06/08/02
Lyc lm tds
Pl for 14 days
……….the patient had been treated for Diabetes mellitus … later continued with Causticum lm for her positional vertigo

Follow Ups

The case encourages to handle manage the multiple disorders in complex nature by applying the miasmatic interpretation on the course of the disease. The application of medicines on understanding of the surface miasm could give short cut method in our treatment which benefits immensely our patients. Such expression always expressed as key symptoms to prescribe a psoric, sycotic and syphilitic remedies.