June 2012|Vol 9|Iss 6

A Case of Vitiligo


Vitiligo is incurable in literature, the one sided disease is well responding to miasmatic interpretation as opinioned by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam. Here we give a case treated by him. He can be contacted at 6, Lloyd's II lane, Royapettah, Chennai- 600014


         A female aged 45 years presented white discolouration of skin since three years. The white lesion appeared first in the right fingers and extended over fore arms, chest abdomen and legs. The lesions were larger in size the periphery is continuing the hypo pigmented patches and the lesions were larger in some of the places.

Past History

         Had been hospitalized for Typhus fever for fifteen days Underwent radiation for suspected carcinoma of mammary gland five years back No H/o insect bite, worm infestation, blood transfusion.

Family History

No similar complaints
Maternal father - Diabetic
Paternal grand Mother - Hypertension

Treatment History

         Initially tried with modern medicine, oral and topical applications not benefited. Blisters appeared on the applied parts. She tried siddha treatment for some one year, treated with oral and topical applications with exposure to sun light in the morning.

Physical Generals

Complexion: Medium
Stature: Medium Built
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Normal
Urine - Normal
Sweat – profuse all over
Sleep - Normal
Desire: Sweets
Dreams: Daily events
Food Type - Non Vegetarian.Has the habits of taking tea, coffee.

Mental Generals

         Mental, intellectual state of mind is irritable, anxious, very sensitive and emotional, Mood changeable, Depressed and worried much about her illness.

Menstrual History

         Attained menarche when she was 15, had regular periods with flow, and attained menopause when she was 40 years old.

Obstetric History

         Married, 2 daughters, had abortion once when she was 30 years old.

Life space
         After schooling got married and lived happily with her husband and two daughters. She gave good education to their daughters, employed and married, lives happily. Two years back her husband passed away due to cardiac arrest. Now lives alone.

Disease Diagnosis


Diagnosis of Miasm

         Mixed miasmatic state, Dominant miasm is Syphilis.

Evaluation of Symptoms

White discoloration of Skin
Complaints after Typhoid, Radiation
Sweat: Profuse all over
Dreams: Daily events
Desire: Sweets
Calm and anxious
Mood changeable
Worried about illness

First prescription                           22/12/04

Ars Alb lm tds
Followed with placebo for 14 days

Follow ups

The patient visited every 15 days; on 15/4/2012 she showed some black spots in the affected area and worried on the extension of the discolouration. She continued the treatment once a month, almost 80% of the lesions was better. Ars Alb 1m is still prescribed every month and gradually improves.(Refer the plates I, II, II and IV).


The patient was prescribed understanding the miasmatic background of the disease. She had typhoid, which could have emitted toxins, which later could have produced the auto immune reactions. Radiation for Ca is an attributed factor. The psoric manifestations of the cell had quickly shown with destruction of melanocytes, an understanding of pseudo psora, which later entered syphilitic in the chronic course of the disease.