Nov 2011|Vol 8|Iss 11

A case of wart


Dr.P.V.Venkatraman Nirmala Dua is a leading academician and clinician in Chennai. He can be contacted at # 33,Ist Main Road Lake area, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034 E mail:


     A boy aged 6yrs came in with a history of warts since the age of 2yrs. Recently there was a sudden increase in the size of the warts and started spreading to various parts like face, chin, neck, limbs, fingers and back. It was smooth surfaced and hard on pressure. There was a family history of warts - one of his brothers had similar problem. He had history of severe tonsil infection recently. Based on the history and nature of its spread Thuja 1M- 6 doses were given for 3days on 23/06/2011.

     The idea of Thuja was purely on the basis of the sycotic tendency and its spreading nature. Patient reported after 6wks, that there were no new warts and the condition remained the same without any further spread. He was given Dulcamara 30 on 06/08/2011 based on the appearance and the consistency of the warts. Merc bin iod 30 was given as s.o.s. for the tonsils. Patient reported on 24/09/2011 that most of the warts had disappeared and few have regressed to almost nil.