Sep 2011|Vol 8|Iss 9

A case of Tinea Corporis


Dr.Smita Brahmachari is a post graduate in Repertory from National Institute of Homoeopathy Kolkata, selected through UPSC and working as a Medical Officer in Dept. of ISM & Homoeopathy.,Govt of NCT New Delhi. She had authored many scientific articles which were published in leading Journals. Here she presents a case of Tinea Corporis. She can be contacted at WZ-52, Plot No. 45, Ravi Nagar, Near Buddbazar, Chaukhandi, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi – 110018,


       A male aged 26 years visited OPD for Tinea Corporis. He presented the complaints as follows

Present Complaints
1. Skin eruptions since 1 month on arms, chest, abdomen, back. The eruptions started from neck with severe burning and itching; she used to apply some topical application on eruptions in affected parts. The eruptions < on contact with water and soap leading to scratching which <ed. The eruptions were mostly left sided.

2. Scanty menses since 6 months, duration 2 days; cycle 28+/-2 days, dark red, clotted. Complaints since Tubectomy 1 yr back. Copious leucorrhoea since 1 yr, transparent, whitish, staining, both before and after menses with constant backache.

3. She complaints of flatulence after meals with heaviness sensation.

4. Dandruff, white, with itching since 1 yr.

5. Hoarseness of voice since 3-4 days.

Past History
Hypothyroid taking medication for the same from Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, NewDelhi since 2 months. She had Typhoid (10-11yrs) back. Allergic eruptions 2- 3 times after delivery from warm food. Boil on back in 2010 treated with skin ointment. H/O of UTI (twice – 2009, 2010).

Family History
Father: Diabetes mellitus

Mother: Allergic dermatitis, Renal calculi

Personal History

2 Brother and 2 sisters. 1 son and 1 daughter – FTNVD at Hospital.

Physical Generals

Hot patient, wears less sweater in winter. Thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals. Bowel habits and Urine are Normal. Perspiration from axilla and back, offensive and non-staining. Sleeps for 7 -8 hrs but feels unrefreshed in morning. She likes onion and spicy food and has an strong aversion to sweets.

Mental Generals

     Good marital relationship but irritability and anger as her husband stay outside and come to visit her once in a year. Due to anger she frequently beats her children from slightest cause. Slightest contraindication with in-laws irritates her. Dislikes company and consolation <ed. She is indecisive. Fear of darkness. Weeps while detailing her complaint. Forgetfulness, forgets to switch off the gas while cooking at right time.

Menstrual History

     She attained her menarche at the age of .13. Her periods were regular once in 28-30 days with 4 to 5 days flow.


     Greasy face and thick hair growth on upper lip.

REPERTORIZATION (Using RADAR 10th version)

1. SKIN - ERUPTIONS - herpetic - circinate


3. HEAD - DANDRUFF - itching

4. GENERALS - HEAT - sensation of

5. GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - sweets - aversion


7. FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - LEUKORRHEA - constant, chronic

8. MIND - CONSOLATION - agg. - Sympathy agg.

9. MIND - EMOTIONS - suppressed

10. MIND - FEAR - dark; of

11. MIND - CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

12. MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - suppressed

13. GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - onions - desire

14. GENERALS - FAMILY HISTORY of - diabetes mellitus


      The top 10 remedies were Nat m.;Carc.;Sep.; Sil.; Calc.; Thuj., Lyco., Ign., Sulph.,Nux-v.The patient was first prescribed Thuja because eruptions were predominantly on covered parts with left sided predilection, with lot of suppressed mental symptoms and genital complaints, desire for onion and characteristic observation. After Thuja was prescribed there was appearance of joint pains and heel pain which persisted 5 yrs back for which she had taken a lot of painkillers though her skin eruptions had decreased in intensity. The case was repertorized and then Carcinosin was prescribed on the basis of repertorization. With prescription of Carcinosin the patient improved a lot.(Refer Plate Before and After)