Memories around the world


The monument is erected at the birthplace of Dr.Hahnemann; even now we can visit this at Stadpark Square, in Meissen and also we can stamp our foot steps in this house, where he has born.
We are paying our tributes to our father of Homoeopathy this month. The people, physicians all around the world, smell the inception of cure and service to the humanity. Here are some memories…
This prestigious monument is located in Leipzig, where Hahnemann moved very frequently as a Grocer boy, student, as a physician. We can visit this most respectable place at Richard WagnerSquare of Steinhäuser.
  This Monument can be visited in front of Ducal Palace, in Köthen, in which Godess of health in the center, surrounded by the busts of Dr. Arthur Lutze on the right and of Hahnemann on the left. Here we can visit the Lutz Hospital and his house at Kothen.

This tomb is Hahnemann's grave. This holy place can be worshiped even now at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, France.
The impressive memorial monument is located at the intersection of 16th Street and Massachusetts Avenue (Scott Circle) in Washington D.C., a location that can be seen from the White House. The superstructure was built and dedicated by the American Institute of Homeopathy.
This statue is found in front of the Replica of Hahnemann House, Meissen at Subapura, Vadodara , India. Contributed by the worlds renowned Homeopath Dr R P. Patel.  
Many countries had erected monuments to pay their tributes to the respectable founder. In India many colleges, organizations and government had respected by erecting statues in their premises. Here some stamps also found….