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A Case of Allergic Dermatitis

     Dr. N.R. Jayakumar
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     Dr. N.R. Jayakumar is an eminent physician and academician from Chennai presents a case of Allergic Dermatitis with a remedy selected on keynote and particulars, Completed with an antipsoric drug. He is interested in social activities and also rendering his academic career as lecturer at Sree Sairam Homoeopathy Medical College, Chennai.

    A six-month-old female baby was brought to me for consultation of skin complaints since 4 months. The lesions are scaly, cracked all over body. Her parents covered with specially made cloth to prevent allergy and smoothening. The child scratched its skin markedly at night and disturbed sleep
Initially they tried with various tropical applications and some drops without any benefit. Her mother inferred that the child developed these complaints after vaccination.

    The child has born by Caesarian section and its birth weight was 3.5kg. Fair in complexion and growth pattern is good without any further ailments. The child consumes milk at regular intervals and bowel habits also regular. Sweat observed all over the body.

    Family history did not reveal any allergic diathesis and other specific, marked illness for genetic mutation.

Diagnosis of the Case:

Allergic Dermatitis
Interpretation and Evaluation
A case of Allergic Dermatitis

a) Itching scaly
b) Itching < night
c) Sleepless due to itching
d) Ailments from vaccination

First prescription                   14/12/02

a) Mezerium – 200, 2 doses
1-1-0, B food
b) Placebo 1 dram
3-3-3, After food

Mezerium was selected on the key symptom “Eczema and itching eruptions after vaccinations” and modalities also favoured the remedy

Follow up 1                           20/1/02

Complaints Better
Itching Better
Scaly Better
a) SL – 2 Doses
1-1-0 B food
b) Placebo
3 – 3- 3 After food

Follow up 2                           22/2/02

a) Mezerium 200
1 Doses B food
b) Placebo 3-0-3 After food

Follow up 3                           23/4/02

Sulphur 200
1 Dose Morning Before food

Follow up 4                           20/1/02

Much Better
No Itching
No Scaly
There after no recurrence so far

The medicines were selected based on the particulars and the king of antipsoric has cured the dermatological complaints.



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