November 2005 | Vol 2 | Issue 11



A case of warts … Thuja Occidentalis

-Dr. J.Anuradha


        Warts are very common among adults and children; homoeopathy has gained its reputed name in treating them. Most varieties are caused by Human Papilloma Virus, having more affinity in palms soles, hands face and neck. Neck growths are often papilloma type, which are very often genetically muted in many cases. Here this case is presented from AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre. The Case file is compiled by Dr. J.Anuradha


        A girl aged 17 years, medium in complexion, medium built presented warts on both hands was cured within a period of three months.

Chief Complaints

Warty growth on the dorsum of both hands since three years

Associated Complaints

Dandruff with hair falling since two years

History of Present illness

        The girl developed itching initially and gradually eruptions followed to aggregate scattered warts on both hands simultaneously. Initially tried external applications with native medicines and her family doctor advised cauterisation. One among the neighbour advised to take homoeopathy treatment who had the previous experience with similar ailment .The warts are brownish white, irregular edges and flattened. Dandruff is white and scaly. Itching < sun exposure; after sweat.

Past History

Had Chicken pox when she was 11 years old
Vaccinated for all common infections
History of frequent cold and cough, occasional attacks of Tonsillitis

Family History

Mother is under allergic bronchitis treatment
Father has cervical spondylosis and prostomegaly
Aunt is suffering from Uterine fibroid, Hysterectomy performed later.

Mental and Physical Generals

Appetite    -  Normal,
Thirst        -  Normal,
Stool        -  Constipation, hard
Urine        -  Normal
Sweat       -  Profuse all over the body except head Sleep - Normal
Dreams    -  Nothing particular
Food Type -  Non-Vegetarian,
Desires     -  sweets
Aversion   -  Nothing Particular Thermal reaction < warmth generally > Open air
Habits   -     Takes tea and coffee Mental and intellectual state of mind is sensitive, emotional, irritable, dislikes company, anxious,and fearful

Menstrual History

Menstruating, Menarche at the age of 12th year
Periods are irregular, 1-3 days, 28 to 30 days
Flow is normal, dark red in co lour
No pain during

1. Diagnosis of the Disease : Warts

2. Diagnosis of phase : Acute Exacerbation of chronic miasmatic phase

3. Diagnosis of patient as a person

  • Medium complexion with medium frame
  • The warts are brownish white, irregular edges and flattened; in both hands
  • Dandruff is white and scaly. Itching < sun exposure; after sweat.
  • Vaccinated
  • Tendency to catch cold with occasional attacks of Tonsillitis
  • Family history of proliferative and allergic diathesis
  • Constipated, hard stool
  • Sweats on all over the body except head
  • Desires sweets

4. Diagnosis of miasm and susceptibility.

Fundamental and Dominant miasm sycosis

Susceptibility is High

Diagnosis of Remedy

        Thuja Occidentalis . Thuja was selected on basis of pathological vegetations highest similarity and miasmatic background

  First Prescription                                                 19-01-86

Rx    Thuja lm o.d/ 6 days
        Pl pills / 15 days.

  Follow Up 1                                                           21-02-87

        The warts surface smooth
        Dandruff mild
Rx    Thuja lm o.d/ 6 days
        Pl pills / 15 days.

  Follow Up 2                                                           28-03-87

        The warts disappeared, depigmented spots
        Hair fall and dandruff improved
Rx    Thuja lm o.d/ 6 days
        Pl pills / 15 days.                            

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