A case of Vitiligo

Dr.R. Gnanasambandam, MD (hom)


Vitiligo is a challenging disease in our day today practice. Homoeopathy has proved its efficacy in the treatment of vitiligo. Here Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, a best clinician and research scholar, having twenty years experience, presents a case of vitiligo from his case file.

A middle-aged lady consulted me for her white discoloration all over the body. She is a musilim. her complaints started 10 years back .She was moderate in complexion, mild yielding and fastidious. She got married to a professional and has two children, lives happily in a joint family. She was quite desperate with her illness.

The white discolouration has started at the back and extended rapidly all over the body with in a period of one year. The lesions were trichromic with sharp margins and pinkish in some areas. The patches had started as a pinhead and extended to join with other patch and there by large areas of white coloured skin brought her an embarrassment to move in social gathering. Her past history shows that there is no heredity trait, She had suffered from Malaria during puberty and had received treatment for anaemia, no acute illnesses like typhoid or jaundice. She had loose stools most frequently and investigation revealed that amoebic cysts were present. She had been vaccinated against Tuberculosis and also received the triple antigen for Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetanus. had administered Polio drops in childhood.

Initially she had taken allopathic Medicines, and then tried all alternative systems. Her final choice was Homoeopathy.

Appetite - normal
Thirst - normal
Motion - Regular, loose stools sometimes
Sweat - scandy
Sleep - Good
Complexion - Medium
Frame - Moderate
Desire - nothing specific
Aversion - Nothing specific
Prefers cold climate, covers her entire body while sleeping

Evaluation of symptoms :

  • White discolouration of skin
  • Fear of Death and worries about her disease and thinks it could be Hansan’s Disease
  • Suffered from Malaria during puberty and had received treatment for anaemia.
  • She is fastidious and moderately irritable
    These symptoms dragged me to prescribe my favorite remedy Ars Alb

First prescription 6-10-2000


  • Ars Alb 1m 6 doses OD
  • Followed with SL
    A photograph was taken as shown at the back wrapper

Follow up 1 21-10-2000

Follow up 2 to follow up 24 the same remedy
was repeated. For every body’s surprise, Black spots appeared on the affected part. There was a remarkable improvement with in a year and whole body responded well.

Follow up 25 28-11-2002

l Had fever with cold, after getting wet in rain
Rhus Tox 6 12 Doses BID

Follow up 26 5-12-2003

Ars lm 6 Doses o.d followed with SL

Gradual improvement :

Photograph was taken as shown in the back wrapper. Almost all patches were disappeared, still receiving medicines from abroad.

most cases of vitiligo responds well to the trio miasmatic remedy Arsenicum Album. Clinically Lycopodium, Selenium, Thuja has helped in some cases. I heard that Ars Sul Flatum is almost specific in complicated cases though I have not experimented. Some times the mother tinctures Psoralea Cor Q, Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q, Pipermethysticum would help you to hold our cases.


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Nov 2004 | Volume 1| Issue 11