Laxmi Kant Kori
Eupatorium perfoliatum

     I watched the out patient department of our college that Eupatorium perfoliatum is a good preventive in majority of the cases of Chikungunya . The totality suits well with this remedy. Many cases with complications of Chickungunya responds with suitable similimum like Rhus tox, Bryonia and Gelsimium We had seen many cases of reactive arthritis and maculo palpulo rashes had responded well.

Laxmi Kant Kori, II BHMS, Sagar Homoeopathy Medical College, Sagar, Madya Pradesh.

Natrum Mur
Dr. R. Sharangi

    A female aged 13 years was brought to me for chickungunya , who already had treatment in hospitals since three days. She presented with joint pains and intense headache. I observed that the case is different and I prescribed Natrum mur 30 based on the modality Headache < 10 to 11am. Here neck pain; watering eyes and all joints became normal with in two days.



Dr.R.Sharangi, BHMS, Homoeopathy Medical Officer at Bokalirmat primay Health Center, Cooch, Behar, West Bengal. M:9474334400 Dibya Homoeo Clinic, Abi Road ,Suryamahal, Jepore-764001, Orissa. M:94372 36717

Dr. Ashis Majumdar
Homoeopathic Repellants

      Many Physicians / Doctors emphasize that ‘Eupatorium perfoliatum” is the genus epidemics effectively used for prevention and generally suggested. Rhus tox and Bryonia benefited many patients to counteract the post pyrexial effects. Some doctors suggested ‘Sabadilla’ and ‘Staphysagria’ may be used as homeopathic repellants. I treated on symptom similarity., Many cases responded well to Rhus Tox in higher potencies and Eupatorium was also good in prevention in our locality.

Dr. Ashis Majumdar, 20/1/E, Ostad Amir Khan Sarani, Calcutta -82 Email: drmajumder@rediffmail.com

Effective drugs
Dr. K.K.Senthil Kumaran

     I treated more than Ten hundred cases with Eupatorium and Rhustox as preventive medicine. Eupatorium, Rhustox and Bryonia are more useful for the full-blown Chikungunya fever cases. I attended many preventive camps and had seen approximately one thousand cases. In few cases with leading keynotes I prescribed Kali-mur, Ledum, Calc.sulph, Cinchona, Dulc, Lycopodium, Pyrogen, and Cimex.


Dr. K.K.Senthil Kumaran M.D (Hom, Kannan Homoeo Clinic, 267, Brough Road, Erode-638001. M:94433-26206

Only few Remissions

      We conducted many free medical camps for the epidemic outburst Chigungunya in and around Erode city. Many cases presented the similimum of Eupatorium perfoliatum, Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Gelsemium. Preventive medicines were distributed. We organized 15 free medical camps and treated 8500 patients, only few cases reported with failures. I think they should have received during the incubation period, however we observed the intensity was very less in these cases.

Dr.Sasikumar, M.D.(hom), Secretary, TNHA Erode Chapter, Subhiksha Homoeopathy Hospital,
747, Brough Road, Erode-638001.Phone: 9443497998

Eupatorium is Genus Epidemicus
Dr. Ananda Kumar Pingali

   Umar Alisha Rural Development Trust organized a Project for Prevention of Chikungunya in which we conducted 47 free Medical camps and 1, 51,119 people were benefited. We used Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 as preventive for all cases.We treated the affected victims with Eupatorium 200,Gelsemium 200,Bryonia 200 and Rhus Tox 200 . For reactive arthritis we used Bryonia 200, Chamomilla 200 and Rhus tox 1M.



Dr Ananda Kumar Pingali,M.D(hom)Project Co ordinator,Jagadamba Jn,Visakhapatnam,
Phone:0891-2718123; Mobile:098663 88979

Dr. E.Elango
Rhus tox

     TNHA Coimbatore chapter conducted 7 free Medical camps and preventive medicines were distributed around twenty thousand people. We dispensed Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 in majority of the cases and in few locality people received Rhus Tox 200. The result was so good that only few cases reported to modern practitioners.

Dr.E.Elango, BHMS ,Secretary,TNHA Chapter Ciombotore, Venila Clinic, 2A,Padma Complex,
Co-operative Colony,K.K.Pudur,Coimbatore-38 Pnone:98941-33881.

Many remedies
Dr. N.S. Prasant

     …Besides the regular prescription Eupatorium perfoliatum and Rhus toxicodendrom, Influenzinum can be used as preventive in epidemic prone area. In active cases, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Rhus toxicodendrom, Bryonia, Ledum pal, Arnica, Arsenicum album and Sulphur can be used based on the symptomatology. Another rare remedy is Polyporus Pinicola.


Dr.N.S.Prasant BHMS, Premasadanam, Karippai Annex Road, Rajagiri PO Ermnakulam, Kerala. M : 93884 69877

Dr. Murali Ravikanti
Genus Epidemicus

     The Department of AYUSH has selected Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 as Genus Epidemicus and distributed throughout the state through the government dispensaries, municipalities, gram panchayaths and other local bodies to control the menace. There has been sizable control of the epidemic in the state. Non government organizations also distributed and reported well response. I have treated the affected victims with Arnica, Rhus Tox, Ruta, Gelsemium, Rhododendron, Pulsatilla, Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, Merc Sol, Ledum Pal and Apis Mel.

Dr. Murali Ravikanti, B.H.M.S,Shyamala Homoeo Clinic,3-1-139, C..V.R.N.Road,
Karimnagar - 505 001- Andrapradesh.P. Mobile: 9247337474.

My Self Experience
Dr. Geeta Mongia

     I also suffered from this epidemic menace. I had pain in joints especially metacarpals and metatarsals, knee, toes and elbows with fever up to 101-102>C only for 3-4 days. Then rashes appeared only on my face. I had swelling of feet and legs .The most troublesome was numbness and tingling in hands < during working and nausea <on working or sitting. All these symptoms except fever  remained for more than one month. I have given Elaterium, Caulophyllum , Apis , Actea spicata and Agaricus, Many renowned homoeopaths told as they have not seen any case of Chikungunya, few asked me to take one or other medicine as per my symptoms, most common were Rhus tox, Eupatorium perf, and Gels and some told Nat mur, Pyrogenum, Kalmia, Mezerium and Phosphorus. Prof Dr V.K.Gupta, our former principal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College took my case history in detail and found Bryonia, Eup, Gels and Rhus tox, showed improvement only in starting, during fever and rash stage.


Dr. Geeta Mongia,General Secreatary IIHP, Delhi state branch,34/38 Old Rajinder Nagar,
New Delhi 110060. Mobile:9810442075

Prof. Dr. Amit Banerjee
Medicinal statistics

    Takhatmal Shrivallabh Homoeopathic Medical College in association with officials of, Mohini Charitable Society has served 22944 patients in Vidrabha region of about 70km surroundings. We prepared homoeopathic preventives and treatment was with excellant results.The patients were treated according to the symptom, similarity and the percentage of medicinal statistics is as follows

· Rhus toxicodendron 69.39 %       · Gelsemium 18.12%
· Eupatorium perfoliatum 09.87%   · Others 07.62%.

Prof. Dr.Amit Banerjee M.D(hom), HOD and hospital incharge, Takhatmal Shrivallabh
Homoeopathic medical College, Amravati.