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    Dr. Jugal Kishore is recognized, not only in India but the world over, as one of the top most Homeopaths of our times, with over 50 years of experience. He has successfully treated thousands of patients till date.Dr. Jugal Kishore never intended to be a physician - he had actually appeared for ICS exams after topping his university in his B.Sc. exams. But , call it a quirk of fate, he fell so ill that he was bedridden for almost a year. During this period, while browsing through these books he happened to read a remedy, which he thought, might help him.

    He experimented upon himself & to his delight found himself responding positively to it. His faith in Homoeopathy multiplied & he decided to study Homoeopathy. He studied at The Calcutta Homoeopathic College.

    Dr. Jugal Kishore then started his Homoeopathic practice in June 1945, and his clinic was the first homoeopathic clinic run by a fully qualified homoeopath with govt. recognition. He has served as president of the central council of Homoeopathy also .

    Dr. Jugal Kishore has authored a number of books some of which are :

  • Kishore Card Repertory - co-author
    Dr. Arvind Kishore
  • Integrated Repertory
  • Evolution of Repertories

    He has also discovered & proved new Homoeopathic remedies & is constantly endeavouring to improve upon the present Homoeopathic Materia Medicas & Repertories.

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