Aurum metallicum…remedy profile

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Final year BHMS
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Tamil Nadu
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Common name       : Metallic gold
Kingdom                 : Mineral kingdom
Element name         : Aurum
Symbol                   : Au
Atomic number        : 79
Miasms                   : Psoric , Sycotic , Tubercular , Syphilitic
Side affinity             : Right sided remedy 

Sphere of Action          : Mind ,Blood vessels,Glands, Bones, Uterus and Liver
History and Authority  : Allens’Encycolopedia,Mat.Med.Vol.II.1

Constitution :

Mental     : Self destructive thoughts, oversensitive to noise , hopeless with suicidal disposition, melancholic.
Physical  : Sanguine people with black hair and dark eyes, olive brown complexion, also light haired scrofulous                             persons, girls at puberty.  

Characteristics symptoms:

  • Constantly dwelling on suicide
  • Sensitive, Hopeless, Despondent. Great depression of mind
  • Predisposition for nodes and bone pains, caries and necrosis


The remedy can be explained with three main factors, 1. Destructions 2.Oversensitive 3. Indurations

1. Destructions:

Mind : Suicidal thoughts
Skin : Ulcers
Bone : caries, necrosis, exostosis, of nasal bone, mastoid, teeth

2. Oversensitive:

Mind : Anthro phobia, < contradiction, disposition to suicide
Eyes : Photophobia

3. Indurations :

Glands: Induration of testicles , ovaries, hydrocoele, tonsillitis,parotid gland swelling