Aurum metallicum…constitution

Parul Jain
Government Homoeopathic medical College,



    Gold is a very prestigious and valuable metal. As heart is a precious organ of the entire organism, this costly material gold takes care of it.

    Constitutionally Aurum met patients are sanguine, ruddy people black hair and eyes, They are cheerful like pulsatilla and fair complexioned, reddish people. old people who are tired of life due to their misdeeds and low spirited pining boys. They live for love and affection. Emotionally very disturbed. Syphilitic miasm, suicidal tendencies, desire for solitude and aversion to company, melancholic, desire coffee and alcohol and aversion for meat.

    Its complaints come from bad effects of Mercury, syphilis, alcohol fear, fright anger, contradiction and disappointed love. Aurum met also cures fetid odor of mouth; falling out of hair, hemiopia - see only lower half, menstrual and uterine affection. Also indicated in angina pectoris and rheumatism. Mostly the troubles are originated from a mercurial / syphilitic affection.
There is a peculiar sensation as if the heart stood still and ceased to beat for 2-3 seconds and then suddenly gave one hard thump. There is violent palpitation and anxiety after exertion, congestion of blood to head and chest, so there is visible beating of carotids and temporal arteries. This leads to intense congestive headache and heat. Pulse is rapid and irregular, of low-tension and low volume.

    There are loud endocardial bruits repeated attacks of anguish about the heart, all these lead to self destruction and the patient wants to commit suicide is the strong indication of aurum met.

    Aurum patients are very sensitive to criticism. They are serious minded and take to heart whatever comments are made about them. They usually feel that they have given a lot to others but in return they have been hurt. As they feel are logical and sane people, they try to suppress their emotions and so become somewhat unstable and at this stage they may seem cruel and unfeeling to others, especially in their manner of speaking.

    Work becomes an outlet for them to avoid this discomfort of emotional life. Aurum patients value gold (money) a lot. Their material position is very important to them. For this they may work hours of overtime, but eventually they feel as if they have completely failed in life, they have no right to live and that they are literally incapable of maintaining their occupation relationship. Their thought turns constantly to suicide.