Homoeopathy “Economic Medicare System” Justice J. Chalameswar
         HYDERABAD, JAN 22: The two-day 14th national homoeopathic conference began here on Saturday with a call by Justice J. Chalameswar of the High Court seeking to convince people on the need for ‘economic medicare’ with no side-effects. G. Rama krishna, Additional Director (Homoeopathy), said the State Government released Rs. 33 lakhs for distributing homoeo medicine to tackle Japanese encephalitis. C.P. Singh, president, and Anurudh Verma, secretary, Research Society of Homoeopathy, which is organising the conference with the Andhra Pradesh Post-Graduate Homoeopathic Medical Officers’ Association, pleaded for an end to disparity between allopathy and homoeopathy and creation of a directorate of homoeopathy.

         Referring to the demand for four post-graduate branches in paediatrics, medicine, gynaecology and psychiatry put forth by the Andhra Pradesh Post-Graduate Homoeo pathic Medical Officers’ Association, which jointly organised the conference with Research Society of Homoeopathy, Mr. Reddy assured to take them to the Government’s notice. S. Praveen Kumar, association president, wanted the Government to appoint staff for the post-graduate department in Government Homoeopathy College, Ramanthapur. He said the four branches had been approved by the Central Council of Homoeopathy. The conference felicitated 15 eminent homoeo doctors for their contribution to popularise the alternative system of medicine. It re-elected Dr. Praveen Kumar president and Srinivas Reddy general secretary of the association.
About 650 delegates, including scientists, faculty and students from across India, attended the conference with the theme ‘Homoeopathy for the modern era.’ album pages for more photos.

CCH Members nominated

       NEW DELHI. JAN.18. Government of India has nominated members to the Central Council of Homoeopathy. The Department of AYUSH has published the notification with a list of fourteen members. The names include, Dr.Diwan Harish Chand, former Vice president of CCH, Dr.V.K.Khanna, Principal, Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College,New Delhi; Dr.B.Sohan Singh, former member CCH, Hyderabad; Dr.Arvind Kothe, Principal, S.K.H.M.College,Goa; Dr.B.N.Prakash, Director, ISM&H, Government of Karnataka; Dr.K.V.John, former Member, Trivandram; Dr.K.P.Majumdar, Mumbai, Dr.K.K.Kar, Bhubne swar, Dr.A.U.Ramakrishnan, former Honaray physician, President of India,Chennai; Dr.B.N.Singh, Principal, National Homoeopathy Medical College, Lucknow; Dr.Nara Singh, CCRI, Manipur; Dr.LM. Khan, Director incharge, NIH, Kolkata; Dr.S.P.Singh, Adviser, AYUSH and Dr.C.Nayak, Director, CCRH, New Delhi This nomination has been issued by the Central Government under the provisions of Homoeopathy Central Council Act 1973, from amongst persons having special knowledge of practical experience in respect of Homoeopathy and other related disciplines of the CCH. Besides this nomination the universities represent a member from their respective Homoeopathic faculty and every state also holds election to represent its members.

       Election of president and vice president will be among the members of all categeries For more information surf

WHO recognition for Homeopathy

       THIRUVANANTHAPURAM,DEC 25: Deviating from the trend of rejecting homeopathy treatment and medicine as mere placebos, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that homeopathy is the second-most used medical system internationally. “Clinical trials have proved that this method of treatment has been successful if the practitioners have taken into account the individual holistic nature of the patient before opting for homeopathy,” says Dr T N Sreedhara Kurup, Assistant Director In-Charge of the Central Research Institute for Homeopathy. Different patients will receive different treatments for the same disease making it difficult to conduct randomised control trials, he said.

        “Homeopathy is that stream of medicine, which prescribes medicines suitable to the individual and the cost of treatment is affordable when compared to Allopathy. Besides, it is claimed that homeopathic medicines are devoid of any harmful side-effects,” says Dr Ravi M Nair, former advisor, Government of India
About 50 crore people rely on homeopathy treatment in the world. As a system of medicine, it draws support from over lakhs of doctors, teaching institutions and universities where homeopathy is taught.

       Research centres and manufacturing units with focus on developing newer drugs for treatment of diseases provide ample proof that homeopathic medicines are not mere placebos, Nair said. Modern medicine and research too have arrived at a premise that many diseases have their origin in genes. It was 200 years ago that Samuel Hahnemann started working on this concept to evolve a mode of treatment based on the individual requirements called homeopathy, he said.

Leukaemia Hospital

         China’s first children hospital for curing kids with leukemia has officially been inaugurated in Beijing. The hospital for blood diseases has included homoeopathy with traditional Chinese Medicine.   China has about 4 million leukemia patients and half of them are kids, according to statistics with the Red Cross.

KBHSM‘S CME on Respiratory Ailments

        BELGAUM.DEC.4. Karnataka Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Bangalore organized a Continuing Medical Education program at Kumar Gandharva Hall.Police grounds Road, Belgaum. Dr. Veerabramhachary, President Karnataka Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine inaugurated the session. Sri. Malhari Gouda Patil, Former Irrigation Minister Govt. of Karnataka and Chairman of Shirkoli Homoeopathic Medical College garlanded the portrait of Hahnemann. Dr. M.R. Srivatsan, Executive Member, Central Council of Homoeopathy welcomed the gathering.

         Sri. Abu Shaikh ,Managing Trustee of A.M. Shaikh H.M.C., Belgaum, Sri. Mirji,Secretary of Shiv Basavajyothi Homoeopathy Medical College Belgaum and the members of KBHSM Dr. Shastrimath,, Dr. S.N. Hiremath, Dr. V. Vernekar, also participated. Dr. Munir Ahmed, Dr. C.N. Tugashetti, Dr. Gajanan S. Gaude, Dr. M.A. Udachankar, Dr. Sampath Rao,Dr. S.K. Tiwari, Dr. A. Ramdas, and Dr. M.R. Srivatsan lectured on Respiratory ailments, management and case evaluation.
The CME was well attended by more than 1200 doctors. Finally Dr. V. Vernekar proposed vote of thanks.

Workshop at Khanna

         Khanna,JAN 16: IIHP Khanna unit organized a workshop “PRERNA-2005” at Khanna Nursing home.Dr.S.S.Birdi inaugurated the program. Dr Jaidev Sharma presented a Multi Media presentation on “Suppression Therapy”. Dr Ranjit Khanna, Cardiologist.also presented speech on cardiac ailments. Dr Rajesh Sofat presented a case of psoriasis. Dr.Rma Kant Jag pal spoke on “Case taking” Dr Randeep Nanda lectured on Paediatric Prescribing” Eminent personalities Dr. Muktinder Singh, Dr.Sumitinder Singh Dr.Muktinder Singh, Dr Kapil Sharma, Dr. Vipin Kansal MD, Dr Sayed Tanvir Hussain Dr. Vinod Sood , Dr Tanvir. Dr.S.S.Vithal also spoke on the occasion. Dr.P.S.Ranu,Chairman Punjab Homoeo council and member Central Council of Homoeopathy who was the chief guest at the Valedictory session, presented certificates to the participants. Dr Rajesh Rattan proposed vote of thanks.

- Dr.Hharsh Kumar Garg and Dr.Msgitika Dhawan

Seminar on female diseases


       BEGUSARAI,DEC25. IIHP had organized a seminar on female disease at Jubilee Hall.. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr.Anirudh Verma,Member Central Council of Homoeopathy. S.K.Mohanaka, Commondant, CISF was the chief guest of the ocassion. Municipal Corporation secretary Sri Alok agarwal also addressed the gathering. Dr.Sultan Alam Bihari lectured on “Menstrual irregularities”. Dr.Anand Prasad spoke on “Sterility”. Dr.Gulab Chandra Pandit and D.P.Choudhary also spoke on the occasion.

Dr. R.R. Sharma challenges the basis of relativity theory

        CHANDIGARH, DEC 10: “The art of homeopathy is valid, but its science is nebulous. Some new concepts, phenomena and sciences are needed to elucidate the science of homeopathy,” says the wizard of homeopathy,

Dr Rati Ram Sharma, who was nominated for the Nobel prize in medicine in 1996 and was honoured with the 1989 Albert Schweitzer prize, the Nobel of complementary medicines award, for his contribution to elucidating the science of homeopathy. The unassuming scholar, has an amazing body of intellectual discoveries to his credit, that range from solving the mystery behind working of Alpha and Theta waves in the brain, to challenging the basis of the theory of relativity and the Quantum Theory.
Dr. Ram has put his profound scientific understanding of the homeopathic system of medicine to practice, for the benefit of suffering humanity.He asserts that the science of homeopathy has not come to fore because its practitioners have never attempted to articulate its scientific basis.

-Times Network

Dr.N.K.Jayaram passed away

        TRIPUNITHURA,JAN 5: Dr.N.K. Jayaraman, a very popular, Senior homoeopath passed away .He lived with his wife Dr.Pyary Jayaraman,daughters Dr.Vishada,Vineetha and son Jayaraj

        A conglomerate of all the good qualities needed for the noble profession, an easily approachable, simple man with great love for homoeopathy and humanity, Dr N.K.Jayaraman never hesitated to learn and share his knowledge. He worked tirelessly from morning till night not for money but for the love of suffering humanity. He earned his energy from the cures he made. He wanted result-oriented homoeopathy. He never called himself a ‘classical homoeopath’. Staying with him for three days and observing his prescriptions and practice few years back, Dr.S.P.Koppikar said, “Here is the real homoeopath”.

        Probably he knew that he had to leave early, which could be the reason he treated huge number of cases, which an average doctor may take a hundred years to treat. He will continue to live with us in our heart. He will be present in all our prescriptions. He will smile at us whenever a patient smiles.


        Dr.Hahnemann Homoeopathic Service trust offers two, Rs 25,000/- scholarship for a year to the Homoeopathic Physicians for the fundamental Research in Kent’s Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Dr. R.P.Patel calls Pulsatilla temperament doctors to apply to the director. An interview also planned. Interested physicians contact. Dr.R.P.Patel Institute of Homoeopathy,Hahneman House-Meissen, Atmajyoti Ashram Road, Subhanpura, Vadodara-390023 . Phone 0265-2390089

Dr.Joice Thilagam awarded
        Dr.Joice Thilagam, Medical Officer, Chennai Corporation Homoeopathic dispensary was awarded with “Centenarian Seva Ratna award” by the Centenarian trust, at Rani Seethai Hall recently. Dr.A.Padmanaban, former Governor of Mizoram presented this award.

Dr.V.K.Dhawan CCH Member
        Dr.V.K.Dhawan has been declared elected member to the Central Council of Homoeopathy from Haryana state. He defeated his nearest rival by margin of 677 votes,882 ballots favoured Dr.V.K.Dhavan

Dr.S.Vidyaprakash elected
        Dr.S.Vidyaprakash has been declared elected for Central Council of Homoeopathy. He won with margin of 436 votes. Total number of votes polled 5011.Invalid 229. Dr.Vidyaprakash 2609 Dr Premachandran 2173 Dr.S.Vidyaprakash, managing director of Dr.Prakasam laboratories represented IHK and Dr.Premachandran represented IHMA.