A case of ADHD

Dr. D. Senthil Kumar, B.H.M.S.,
Vivekanantha Homoeo Clinic
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    Dr. D. Senthil Kumar is a leading physician practices at Panruti , Tamil Nadu. He studied at White Memorial Homoeopathy Medical college, Kanyakumari . He had written many evidence based articles and case histories in many journals. Here he presents a case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    A three years old male child was brought to me with complaints Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His mental development and symptomatolgy gave the portrait of delayed speech, meaning less speech, lack of attention, adamant, vigorous activity, beating other children, lack of self, parent and relative identification, poor eye to eye contact with moderate squint, frequent attack of cold, and pain in throat, watery discharge from nose after playing long hours in water, moaning ,screams at night and wake up during sleep, fear of animal toys and animal pictures, restless and very active, moves constantly from one place to another place, constipation, not playing with other children, he does not play even his own.

    On examination it was found that his concentration is very poor, not obeying the comments, shy in nature, meaning less speech, with stammering, rattling sound in chest, swelling in tonsils, with redness in throat and poor milestones development.

Family history:
Parents are well living, no family history of mental illness, no blood relationship marriage.

Maternal history:
No birth injury, no anti partum hemorrhage, no medication during pregnancy except vaccinations, no previous history of abortion and D&C, no maternal diabetes ,hypertension, toxemia, or drug abuse.

Loss of appetite, ,constipated foul smelling some time watery stool, scratching in anus after defecation , bed wetting, disturbed sleep, wakes during sleep, screaming and moaning during sleep, nighty salivation. Drinks large quantity of cold water in frequent interval, always wants to play in water.

Mental general:
Always wants to be carried by mother, severe restlessness, less speech, weak memory, adamant, always wants to move from one place to another place, calm only when carried by his mother.

Advised to do psychometry test

Refer plate I

Attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, with mild mental retardation
According to his complaint I have remembered the First Grade symptoms of Chamomilla in Homoeopathic Drug Picture by M.L.Tailor

He denotes:
Dullness of senses, diminished power of comprehension.
Joyless obtuseness of the senses: understand nothing properly, just as if he were prevented doing so by sort of dullness of hearing, or waking in dream.
Child cries, quiet only when carried
Very irritable and fretful, child must be carried
Piteous moaning of child because he cannot have what he wants
Whining restlessness, the child wants this and that
Averse to talking, short and snappish
Cannot endure being spoken to or interrupted while speaking especially after rising from sleep.
Patient cannot bear anyone near him, and answers snappishly.
Peevish disposition, nothing pleases
Peevishness; she seeks a cause for being peevish at everything; cannot return a civil answer.
Irritable impatient mood.
Great thirst for cold water.
Sore throat, with swelling of parotid or sub maxillary glands or tonsils
Sleepless and restless at night.
Child suddenly stiffens body and bends backwards, kicks when carried, screams immoderately and throws everything off,
Moaning in sleep, weeping and howling in sleep, starts up, cries out, tosses and talks in sleep.
So I have decided to give Chamomilla.

First prescription            30-08-05
1-Chamomilla 200-1 dose
2- Placebo Bd for one month
3- Tuberculinum 200-1 dose
(I instructed to take the this constitutional medicine, after 15 days of Chamomilla first dose)
Along with family and parents counseling, advised to do the speech therapy, behavioural therapy, occupational therapy, and child behavior check list (CBCL) (like motor activity, self help, speech, coginitive,socialization training).
Advised to consult regularly once in month repeated a single dose of chamomilla once in month along with placebo Bd/day for 6 month.

Follow up-1                        26-4-06

Little improvement in concentration and self help,
No tonsillitis and running nose.
1-Chamomillaa 1m -1 dose.
2-Placebo Bd/day for one month.
Repetition of the same in following six month.

Follow up-2                        2-11-06

No tonsillitis, rhinitis, improved self help ,communication, some time restless some time calm, parents got little satisfaction about his activities
Advised to do the Psychometry test

Follow up-3                        16-11-06

Test report shows improvement in the following area since previous assessment.
Communication, socialization, attention and concentration.

Please refer the plate II

    Till now that boy is undergoing treatment. Now he is much better than his first visit, parents are satisfied with his activities and improvement. All therapies are continued.