Dr. Ashis majumdar, BHMS
Obesity and Throat Conditions

      Phytolacca Berry is more often the prescribed drug for obesity. It gives good result in Mother Tincture, the dose is 15 to 20 drops twice daily. It gives results in heredity pattern also. Phytolacca Decandra is useful in tonsillitis and pharnygitis. Many cases had responded well. I remember a case came in with severe infection in throat with a dark coloured membrane and feels as though a ball of fire had lodged there. The breath is offensive. The glands of the parts are enlarged, fever or pain shoots from the throat into ears on swallowing. I prescribed Phytolacca Decandra in 50 millesimal potency. It cured the condition.

Dr. Ashis majumdar, BHMS Kolkata

Dr. Smita M. Betgeri, BHMS

    A lady aged 32 years obese weighing 75 kgs came with complaint of pain in both breasts before and during menses. The pain was aggravated by touch travel and any jerks while riding with severe tenderness. I gave her Phytolacca berry 200/3 doses every week for a month along with Calcarea carb 200 constitutional remedy. Her weight reduced and she is completely free from the pain.



Dr. Smita M. Betgeri, BHMS, Belgium

Dr. A.Thamaraiselvan, DHMS
Throat Complaints

     I have used Phytolacca in Rheumatism and Throat complaints. In throat complaints like Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, Cervical lymphadenopathy, the very common feature the lancinating pain is referred to ear. In Rheumatism Cauticum as a constitutional remedy alternating with short acting Phytolacca has given excellent results in my practice.

Dr.A.Thamaraiselvan DHMS, coimbatore

Dr. Peter Martin, M.D(hom)

    I have used this Phytolacca Decandra for left sided Tonsilitis,Hypothyroidism .The patients with simple goiter, resulting in obesity and hypothyroidism has called for this remedy. While treating tonsillitis I tried phytolacca Q for gargling and local application with a swab and it has given excellent results. I also used Phytolacca Berry for obesity, administered in triturations.



Dr. Peter Martin M.D(hom) Chennai

Dr. Mohan Kumar, BHMS

      Phyrtolacca Berry 3X trituration gives very good result in obesity. I have used this remedy very frequently in my practice with prescription of a constitutional drug; mostly Calcarea carb fit the case. I inspired results in follicular tonsillitis with lacinating pain in ears.

Dr.Mohan Kumar, BHMS, Erode.

Ovarian Disorders
Dr. Agnes Joy DHMS

    Phytolacca Decandra is a very useful remedy for left ovarian diseases with pain which very frequently mimics like sciatica. I used phytolacc berry tablets for fat reduction in general. I have seen even tummy has reduced in woman patients supported with exercise.



Dr. Agnes Joy DHMS. Ambatur, Chennai.

Dr. S.K.Ramasubramaniam, DHMS

      Phytolacca has given magic results in tonsillitis.I have used Mother Tincture for gargling in throat conditions. Few cases with inflammatory signs in the breast also responded well. I think that in sciatica also it gives expected result.

Dr. S.K.Ramasubramaniam, DHMS,Chennai.

Dr. J. Anuradha, BHMS

    Phytolacca is a very useful remedy in most cases of fibroadenosis where the breast is hard and tender with nodes. In many cases it reduces the mass as well as the unwanted fat deposits. Bryonia suits well in cases of mastitis where the breast feels heavy and it must be supported. For painful breasts before and during menses with ductal dysplasia and cancerous tendency Conium maculatum works well.



Dr. J. Anuradha, BHMS, T. Nagar, Chennai.