A case of Osteomyelitis


Dr.Anuradha Raja
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       Dr.Anuradha Raja is a leading practitioner, practices at Trichy in Tamil Nadu. She has wide clinical experience in treating Clinical illness. She received her basic Medical studies from Government Homoeopathy Medical College, Tirumangalam and has 14 years experience in the field. Here she presents a case of Osteomyelitis.

    A female aged 38 years working as an accountant in sub-treasury came to my clinic. She had head injury one year back. Now she was diagnosed to be having osteomyelitic changes (Plate - I) at the site of past head injury and she was advised to under go another operation.

    Presenting complaints
    · She had head ache, lt forehead severe pain especially at the site of injury almost throughout the night.
    · Pus discharge from one point in the suture line- smelling offensive
    · Sometimes a bit of hard substance which is white in colour, came out with pus (Later I have explained her that was a bit of bone)

    Past history :
    She met with a road accident one year back and got injured over head especially on left frontal region then became unconscious. She was admitted in Meenakshi mission hospital, got operated for Haematoma.

    Family history:
    Mother is suffering from osteoarthritis

    Appearance: fair complexion, good looking

    Physical generals:

    Appetite: Good
    Thirst: normal
    Sweat: Profuse in head/slightly offensive
    Stool : regular
    Urine: normal
    Sleep: good
    Menses: regular
    Aversion to non veg food
    Craving for cold water

    Mental Generals

    Sensitive person, very active, talkative with high confidence about herself.

    Physical examination
    Wt: 68kg
    Pulse: 72/min
    O/E: there was a pit on the suture line in lateral forehead. When I slightly pressed pus came out.

    First prescription           3.02.08
    Silicea 200 / 7 doses OD to be taken in empty stomach
    Followed by SL for 7 days.

    Follow Up: I                    18.02.08
    Patient came with a smiling face, pain and pus discharge persist. But she told that she gained confidence and felt better.
    Silicea 200 weekly once
    Followed by placebo for one month.

    Follow Up: II                    18.03.08
    No head ache
    Pus discharge persist.Sometimes a bit of hard substance, came along with pas.
    Acid Flour 30 / 7 doses
    Followed by SL for next one week.

    Follow Up: III                   2.04.08
    Feels better
    2 or 3 times she had pus discharge
    No head ache but had pain while cleaning the wound.
    Silicea 6x tablets
    Along with SL for 15 days.

    Follow Up: IV                   17.04.08
    Same condition persists.
    Two times she had pus discharge within last 15 days
    Silicea 1M/ 1 dose
    Along with SL for 15 days

    Follow Up: V                   01.05.08
    Wound healed completely
    No pus discharge, no pain
    O/E: The pit in the suture line disappeared, wound healed completely.
    SL 15 days

    I advised her to undergo CT Scan-again – which revealed that there were no osteo myelitic changes. (Plate - II) .