A case of Hypoplastic Uterus


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   Dr.Anuradha Raja is a leading practitioner, practices at Trichy in Tamil Nadu. She has wide clinical experience in treating woman’s illness. She received her basic Medical studies from Government Homoeopathy Medical College, Tirumangalam and has 12 years experience in the field. Here she presents a case of Hypoplastic uterus.

   A fifteen year old girl studying in X Std was brought to me by her mother for not attaining puberty. She narrated her daughter’s complaints with “tears.” My daughter has not yet attained puberty. In our family all ladies attained puberty with in the age of 12-13!. This problem is quite unusual .I consulted a Gynaecologist. She suggested my daughter to take scan of abdomen, and after seeing she told that possibility to attain period is very less ! Her uterus is very small… that Doctor also asked me to take a CT scan to rule out any abnormalities in brain .I am very much worried. I was shocked and brought her here for… “She wept again”.

   I saw the scan report, which revealed that the girl’s uterus and ovaries were hypoplastic. I consoled her mother with hopeful words and started taking history.

Present Complaints:

  • Frequency in catching cold.
  • Constipation on and off.
  • Gas accumulation inside abdomen, Passing of flatus (fetid) frequently.

Past History:

  • She learnt to walk after the age of 2.(very late)
  • H/O Jaundice at the age of 12.

Family History:
Grandmother has been suffering from Bronchial Asthma.

Personal History:

  • Appetite increased
  • Thirst Normal
  • Desire-Craving for ice creams
  • Urine : Strong smelling, fetid.
  • Stool: some time Constipation ++

Mental Symptoms:

  • Very much lazy
  • Not interested in involving herself in any work.
Physical examination
  • Wt: 70 Kg
  • Pulse: 74/min

   Patient was black complexioned, flabby, not having any feminine features. No breast development. Abdomen was very flabby. Her mother told me that she was not having any hair growth in axilla and pubic region.
First Prescription           7-10-05
· CalcCarb 200 / OD for seven days on alternate days
· Followed with Sac lac

Follow up-1           5-11-05
Patient’s face was clear. No cold problems this month.
· CalcCarb 200 / OD weekly once that followed with placebo every week

Follow up-2           5-12-05

· Breast-slight improvement weight has been reduced to 68kg.
· Passing motion everyday.
· Flatus smell-reduced
Calc carb 200/2 doses (once in 15 days)
Followed Sac Lac /30 doses
On 30-12-05
Her mother rushed in to my clinic with a very happy face.Today her daughter noticed slight bleeding in the morning .But after that no bleeding at all. I told her to continue the medicines. Wait &observe for 4 days.

Follow up-3           7-1-06
No Bleeding noticed afterwards. Her mother told me about slight hair growth in axilla.No gastric troubles.
SL /30 doses 1-0-0
Senecio Q /15 ml (10-0-10) drops

Follow up-4           6-2-06
No improvement this month.
Calc carb Im/ 2d doses 1-w once
SL /30 doses (1-0-0)
Senecio Q /15 ml (10-0-10) drops

Follow up-5           4-3-06
   Again the patient got slight bleeding on 26-2-06 morning after that no bleeding at all.This time she had severe pain in both breasts decreased after the bleeding appeared.
   On examination, her breasts were developed still more.
   This time I got a new information. Her mother told me, “Doctor the very first time you asked me about her childhood. I’ve forgotten to tell you Doctor at the age of 3 she had primary complex and she under went allopathic treatment for 4 months. Now only I recalled”.
   Something stroke in my mind this time my prescription was
Tubercerlinum 1m / 2 doses (1-w.once)
SL for 1month

Follow up-6           5-4-06

   This time the patient had got periods. Flow started on 30-3-06.Free flow for 4 days then stopped. Hair growth and breast development is still better. Her mother explained happily with tears of Joy. I gave placebo for one month and asked them to observe and tell me every month about her menses.

   After that she used to get regular periods 4 days –30 days interval. Again scan was taken on 30-08-06, which reveals the normal size of uterus.

Please refer the plates 1 and 2 for radiological impression.