March 2010|Vol 7|Issue 3

March 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 3

Guest Editorial
Organon... the magnum opus


    We are remembering …it was 200 years back Hahnemann's work attained to a shape in the form of Organon of Medicine in 1810. It was during his residence at Torgau, Hahnemann gave the world his great book, “Organon der Rationelle Heilkunde" or "Organon of Rational Healing”. It was published in Dresden, by Arnold, in 1810.

      Today many organizations like LIGA, NIH and others celebrate the bicentenary celebrations .Organon of Samuel Hahnemann is a work of profound historical interest and value. It is the skeleton upon which the structure of homoeopathy has taken shape. We realize that Hahnemann's Organon is not just a small book on homoeopathic philosophy, but a treatise on the application of scientific reasoning to the practice of medicine.

      If we want to be successful in practice, we should know the art of application through the Organon of medicine. He teaches us to handle the acute, chronic and other mimicking diseases in a rational way. His “Theory of chronic disease” is a treasure for the homoeopaths to treat successfully even in incurable diseases. Theory of miasm is an excellent understanding of Hahnemann and surprisingly matches the today's cellar theory

      His teachings on acute disease teach us to select a Genus Epidemicus and serve the human community through homoeopathy. His practical experience in treating the Scarlet fever, Cholera and Typhoid has helped to overcome the life threatening psora syphilitic manifestations like Swine flu, Chickungunya, Dengue Fever and Japanese Encephalitis.

      We should pledge to follow his principles and to utilize them in our practice remembering bicentenary celebration of Hahnemann's Organon.

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