November 2005 | Volume 2 | Issue 11
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  Letters to the Editor


  i Homoeopathy... under Microscope


Homoeopathy... A Multifaceted Scientific

- Emma Sheppard

Homoeopathic Medicine : A Nanopharmacology

- Dana Ullman

Arndt-Schultz Law... A Scientific Evidence

- Dr.A.B.Ram Jyothis


- Dr.Hema Suresh
  - Dr.Varadha Srinivas Koti

The Scientific efficacy of Homoeopathic RenRemedies

- Dr.Nagendra Babu

 Clinical Evidence  

  A case of Dyshydrotic Eczema

- Dr.G.Gopal

  Visual Corner  

  A case of Warts... Thuja Occidentalis

- Dr.J.Anuradha



-Dr. P.V.Venkatraman

  Web peep
- Dr.V.Veerabalaji Kumar

               Focus Acutes - 2005

     First Women's Homoeopathic Seminar - 2005

    Service Award

    Rank Holder

     I'm convert to Homoeopathy, says minister

     Governor bans new ISM Colleges

     Fare Well to PG Students

     Drugs controller under consideration : Minister

     Tamil Nadu IM&H Director Dr.R.Vijayakumar



   Mumbai         - The Depth of Homoeopathy

   Solapur         - Prof.George Vithoulkas course IInd Session

   London          - Voice against Lancet Report

   Kanpur          - First Women's Homoeopathic Seminar-2005

   Madurai        - TNHA-Homoeo Seminar

   Jalandhar     - Ambrish Vijayakar's Seminar

   Agra             - International Seminar on Applied Homoeopathy

  Service Corner

   Diagnostic Quiz - Dr.P.Mukundan
- Dr.R.Gnanasambandam

   Photo Quiz - Dr. G. Suresh