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November 2009 | Vol 6 | Issue11

November 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 11

Gelsemium Sempervirens …in headache


Dr Mohammed Rafeeque,
Joint secretary,
IHK, Ernakulam


       Gelsemium is popular as a great paralyzer, however, its action is not confined only to the locomotor system, but having a wide range of action including mental and emotional spheres.

       Headache begins in cervical spine; Pain from throat to ear; Uterine pain ext. to throat; Chillness up and down back. Feels necessary to keep moving or else heart would cease; Vertigo spreading from occiput; Double/blurred vision. Headache <wine, 10am; Dysphagia<warm food. General< when thinking of ailments, 10am, damp weather, fog, before thunderstorm, summer, tobacco. Headache> by urination, lying head high; Dim vision>urination. General> stooping, profuse urination, continued motion, open air.

       Headache from anticipation, bad news, sudden emotion, surprises; Depression from heat of sun/summer; Sleepless from anticipation, excitement; Complaints since influenza, apoplexy; Diarrhea from bad news, from anticipation before getting ready for unusual ordeal, church, engagement; Paralysis after diphtheria.

       Headache with heaviness of eyelids, preceded by blindness; Diplopia with weak ocular muscles; Double vision with headache/multiple sclerosis; Sore throat during menses; Thirstlessness; Urination involuntary but no urine during effort; Emissions without erections; Wants to be held in fever; Weakness leading to paralysis; Lack of muscular co ordination; Muscles refuse to obey.

       Gelsemium patients are Careful, Cowardice; Fear of public, crowds, death, and falling down.. They have aversion to business, company; Desires to be alone; Doesn’t wish to have any one near even if the person be silent.

       In routine prescription, this drug is usually considered in complaints associated with dullness, dizziness, drowsiness and thirstlessness.