November 2010|Vol 7|Issue 11

November 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 11


Dynamism in Carcinoma


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    A Carcinoma is a challenge to the medical fraternity. Every system of Medicine has its own merits in approaching this killing disease. Even though the scope is limited, homoeopathy could serve some extend beyond in some cases in prevention, and successful palliation. Dr.R.Gnanasambandam presents an article on cancer with scientific understanding on miasm.

    Cancer is a widely spoken dreadful disease which frightens the human community to probe every illness with a suspicion. The cellular pathology basically involves and the research, treatment is focused on destroying the cancer cells by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Of course the treatment involves prevention, palliation and cure. The cellular changes surprisingly correspond to the Hahnemann's three miasms. We hold different types of prescription and adopt it to variety of ailments. Miasmatic understanding could enable a physician to be more successful in treating a number of dysplasia cases hopefully.

    Morbidity of Cancer
    Cancer is the term given to a large group of diseases that vary in type and location. It is the result of a continuous, abnormal and relatively autonomous cell proliferation, which is due to the permanent alteration of some cells.
    A cell is the structural and functional unit of the body, is altered initially by both external and internal factors. The morbidity in the cell begins as an exogenous cause by the physical, chemical and infections, metabolic injuries and genetic predisposition serves as an endogenous cause. Among the physical cause radiation has more disposition in the causative factor, chemically the drugs, smoking and nutritional inhibitors alters the cell pathology. Infections and infestations also alter the cell function. Internally the metabolic changes by the nutritive process, hormonal indulgence plays an important role in inhibiting the cellular pathology and finally the genetic coding has more influence in the harmony of the cell.

    Basically the cell is sensitized and the message is transferred to the neural centers. The changes in the nervous system are well connected to the immune and endocrine systems and being regulated by the brain. These systems are connected themselves and as well as the Vital force. Reciprocally any central disturbance could sensitize a cell by taking path through the “Psyche of an individual”.

    When the body loss control over a cell's reproduction capacity, the cell continues to divide and multiply abnormally, proliferate until a detectable lump or tumor develops. A malignant tumor undergoes degeneration, desquamation and breaks off and travel through the blood lymph system to other parts of the body, resulting in a secondary tumor, or metastasis.

    Cellular pathology and Homoeopathy
    Surprisingly explanation of cell sensitization, proliferation and degeneration corresponds to Hahnemann's three miasms of chronic diseases “Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis”. The emergence of cellular pathology and the disturbances can be explained in relation with miasms.

    In short the “Psoric manifestations are the cell sensitization, Sycotic manifestations are Proliferation and the Syphilitic manifestations are nothing but the degeneration”. Hahnemann published Chronic Diseases in 1828, after twelve years of his experiment; he brought to the world “Theory of miasm”. Miasm is understood to be a derangement of the vital force that predates and is more fundamental than the current illness of the patient. The nerve is affected by the miasm, communicated almost instantly to the whole vital force, in an invisible dynamic manner. Hahnemann experimented and identified these three basic predisposing pathologies. He accepted the possibility of co-existence of two or even three at a time in the same patient overlapping each other. He insisted that the physician needs to recognize and handle them adequately. In Aphorism 78

    "the true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm , when left to themselves, improper treatment, go on to increase, growing worse and torment the patient to the end of his life……….."

    He also insists miasmatic understanding in Aphorism 5 and 206, Cancer not comes under a single miasm, it's a Trimiasmatic. At the first stage there is only deficiency in the cell physiology begins in the nutritive processes which leads to functional changes, so that psoric stage is maintained, can be treated with antipsoric remedy like Sulphur, Psorinum, Calc.carb, Lyco, Petroleum, Graphites. Here the role is preventive and curative.

    When crosses the first level pathological changes express the sycotic miasm producing proliferative changes in the body; cauliflower-like growth, its mostly benign in nature, fibroids, warts comes under sycotic. This can be treated with antisycotic remedies like Thuja, Medorrhinium, Causticum, Conium, Staphysagria, Radium brom, Nat sulph, Iodum. Here the scope of Homoeopathy is curative, sometimes palliative.

    The syphilitic miasm causes degenerative changes, Ulcerative, fungating growth makes the cell to destruct and causes excessive bleeding, can be treated with antisyphilitic remedies like Merc sol, Syphilinum, Carcinosin, Aurum.met, Fluoric acid, Nitric acid is preferable. Here the role in the treatment is purely palliative and avocation of precious day in a victim.

    Miasmatic Evaluation and its importance
    Miasmatic study in a patient is a difficult task to everyone, complexity of symptoms gives suspicion on classification. It could be an easier task if we classify them with knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, the scientific understanding of miasm will be clear. The symptom pictures are present within the constitution of the individual that indicate the homoeopaths to detect miasmic layers are dormant, latent and active. Etiology points to the symptoms and the symptoms point to the etiology. Assess the totality of the symptoms in accordance with the development of diseases. Background of the case to know the miasmatic influences - the past history, family history. Current Clinical manifestations of the disease - Location, sensation, modalities and concomitant with present Psychic essence of the patient.

    We adopt different types of prescription, when a case fails to respond we step to remove the blocks in a patient. It is an usual advice from the clinicians that when the most simililmum or a constitutional selected remedy fails to work always choose an anti miasmatic remedy, because it has centrifugal action. The remedy will bring the suppression of past and present .It covers the psychic essence of case - Insomnia, Suspicious, Jealous etc. It helps in deciding the curability of the case and quick relief to the patient with reversibility of the pathology.

    Clinical Synopsis
    Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue

    A fifty four years old female consulted for her squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue after surgery. The wound was ulcerated with bleeding spots. She had severe pain that radiated to the left ears and more intense during night. The totality, biopsy report and ulceration gave a clear picture that the patient was on syphilitic state. An Antisyphilitic remedy was searched, Acid Nitric was selected, and 200th potency was repeated three days, every month. When the indurations were recovered, she was in sycotic state, so Thuja IM was prescribed every month. After a year the further biopsy study aroused suspicion on the histopatholgical Study (Refer the Plate I), Second opinion also sought (Refer the Plate II). The patient is well, continuing treatment without any further induration, metastasis and other complications for past 16 years.

    Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate
    A seventy two years old male from Malaysia consulted for Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate (Refer the Plate III). He presented difficulty in micturation with burning < at the close of urination. He also had warty granulations around the neck and face. With the active miasm, Thuja IM was prescribed on the sycotic miasmatic background, which changed the histopathological study within three months as simple enlargement with inflammation. (Refer the Plate IV). He continued the medication for three years and skipped. In 2002 he came and reported for repetition of the medicines .


    Miasmatic understanding in every case would be an encouragement to every physician and always inspire that the right key to probe every chronic ailment. The cases with irreversible pathology like tumors, cancerous growths would enlighten with evidence based studies.