November 2010|Vol 7|Issue 11

November 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 11


Some success stories


Prof. Dr. D.P. Rastogi, MD (Hom)
E1/G7, Alaknanda Shopping complex,
New Delhi - 110019
Phone: 2561822
Email: dprastogi@

       Prof. Dr. D.P. Rastogi is world’s renowned academician and Clinician . He was the former Director of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi. He served for the development of Homoeopathy, dedicating himself as an Educator, Researcher and eminent physician. Here we give some excerpts from his treatment

    Homoeopathy has been used as a therapy for a variety of conditions affecting children and women.The basis of selecting the remedy has been made easier by a tool which we call repertory. These tools are available to the physician as repertory soft wares and provide objective evidence and a scientific basis for selecting a remedy for a given case.

    A case of repeated abortion

    A female aged 26 years ,married since 6 years came on 6 / 4 / 94 with complaint of Recurrent Abortions (seven times ) occurring between three to six months of gestation.

    Features of the case
    Anxious; Thirstlessness; Desire for warm food; Desire for salt; Stool hard, dry, On alternate days; Female, abortion; Leucorrhea, profuse with; Abortion, month, at third; Abortion, tendency to; Leucorrhea, white; Leucorrhea, profuse; Leucorrhea, thin; Stomach, desire for, salty thing; Desire for warm, food; Thirst, thirstlessness; Constipation, on alternate days; Mind, anxiety;

    On the basis of workout ,Calc Carb came out prominently which was prescribed in 0/1 potency.She conceived in 3 months time and delivered a full term baby.

    A case of migraine
    Mrs AS complained of chronic migraine which made her life hell. She was constantly taking pain killers to get some relief. She gave long history of suffering from this pain which always used to be only on one side of the head and used to be almost a daily occurrence. She was introspective by nature and had a weeping tendency and the weeping always came with anger. Her pain was made worse by noise.I made use of the following rubrics from her history

    · Location of pain—Half of, one side
    · < by noise
    · Mind introspective
    · Weeping with anger
    · Migraine

    Repertorzation BBCR
    The case was prescribed Chamomilla 0/1 to be taken 4 times daily as it covered all rubrics.This brought almost complete relief in the occurrence of the pain and also brought overall general improvement as soon as the medicine was taken.

    A Case of Chronic otorrhoea
    Miss S B 10yrs presented on 20/2/2001 with complaint of ear discharge since 4 years. She complained of itching in the meatus. The discharge was offensive. Her mother described it as putrid. There was no other symptom to guide the selection of the remedy. No marked desires or aversions for food. Nothing remarkable in the temperament.

    Rubrics taken
    Petroleum and Psorinum were the two remedies which were suggested. As offensive and putrid discharge was covered by Psorinum, it was preferred and given in 0/1 4 times daily.Follow-up visits were on 8/3, 23/3,27/4, 3/5 and finally on 1/9/2001. The case showed improvement right from the first follow-up and did not need any other remedy and was cured.

    A case of Blepharospasm
    A patient presented blepharospasm of both eyes which could not be helped with the best of allopathic treatment. The patient also had photophobia.The case was repertorized in Knerr’s repertory where Euphrasia was suggested as the only remedy under Lids- spasms with photophobia. The case was cured with Euphrasia.

    A Case of genital warts
    A lady accompanied one of my patient and presented problem of genital warts. There was no other symptom except itching.Her family physician has ruled out HIV infection by Elisa test.

    I could not discover any particular desire or aversion for food nor could I find anything characteristic in the mind to provide any guidance for prescription.I looked up Knerr’s repertory and found the solitary remedy Sabina mentioned under Genital warts- itching. I prescribed Sabina 0/1 to be taken 4 times a day for 15 days.After 15 days the report came that most of the warts have fallen.

    A case of sterility
    A young lady 27yrs presented with the problem of not being able to conceive.Detailed investigations of both partners did not show any abnormality.The lady mentioned that her menses have been scanty since puberty.A concomitant was observed that she becomes very sleepy at menses time.I looked up the rubric in Radar and surprisingly found the rubric with one remedy- Helonias.This was prescribed as LM 1 and given 4 times daily for 4 weeks.At the end of 4 weeks she telephoned to say that her pregnancy test is positive.She gave birth to a baby girl at full term.

    A case of Psoriasis
    Miss S aged 6 yrs was brought for consultation for severe Psoriasis on the entire body , from head to foot on 19/11/2008. As usual she did not get any relief from the conventional medicine.

    She had patches from head to foot on back, hips, arms and on abdomen.She had salivation during sleep and had bad odor from the mouth and was thirsty.She had fear of being alone and was a sensitive child. She had increased appetite and desired tasty items ,salt and pickles.Her mother told that she has the habit of sucking her right thumb. This habit was present even during intra uterine life as was evident from the ultrasound done at that time.

    Phos, Ars and Merc sol were the leading remedies . As Phos covered 7 rubrics it was given in 0/1, 4 times daily. Improvement started soon after its administration. No new patch was reported and the head become free from scales. It was continued till 6/5/09 when it was noticed that no further improvement is taking place. At this stage Merc sol was started in 0/1, 4 times daily and it brought quick and steady improvement within 2 following weeks. The girl became completely free within 6 weeks of starting Merc sol and is very happy.

    Complementary role
    Homeopathy often plays a complementary role in treatment when the case is in allopathic hands. I give few examples.
    Severe attack of bronchial asthma While I was working in CGHS homeopathic dispensary in Gole market, one allopathic colleague who was working in North Avenue dispensary consulted me. She told me that the attack would begin suddenly even when she is seeing a patient and it would become so serious that she needs to be hospitalized each time. On the basis of this information I prescribed Aconite and gave a bottle of this to be kept in her bag to take a dose as soon as the attack begins. This controlled the situation completely. Sleeplessness. One lady doctor of a nursing home had a fracture as a result her arm was plastered. She developed great anxiety as to who will handle the delivery cases in the nursing home etc and developed great sleeplessness.

    I gave a small bottle of Ars album 30 and advised to give 4 globules and to be repeated if necessary.The husband who was also a doctor asked me when he should report. I told him to give a report in the morning.I got a call at 9 am “she went to sleep immediately after 4 pills were given and is still sleeping”

    A case of disseminated Koch’s with right basal lung collapse where concurrent treatment by a specialist was being given.
    · A case of a 4-month-old child is presented to highlight the result of homeopathic treatment with successive radiographic pictures. This child had developed disseminated Koch’s with right basal lung collapse caused by a necrotic lymph node eroding the bronchus.

    The case was treated with standard anti tubercular treatment (AKT). The pediatrician was planning to do intervention through bronchoscopy to remove cause of obstruction. But the parents were unwilling and sought to try homeopathy.The case was treated on the classical homeopathic lines using anti-miasmatic and symptomatically indicated remedy. Under homeopathic treatment gradual but steady improvement took place as revealed through successive x-rays and the treating pediatrician decided to wait. The case completely responded to occasional doses of Tuberculinum and Phosphorus, which was given in 0/1 potency over a period of few weeks.

    Homeopathy is a safe and effective therapy.Use of repertory as a tool provides valuable guidance in the selection of the remedy.
    Homeopathy can be used effectively with conventional medicine.