ADHD …Veratrum Album and other remedies

B. Leela Purnima
II year BHMS
Dr.Gururaju Government Homoeopathic Medical College
Eluru Road, Gudivada
Krishna Dist, A.P, Pin: 521301


    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder of children. The homoeopathic medicines found most helpful for ADHD were Stramonium, Cina, Hyoscyamus Niger and Veratrum album.


    Indicated for children who are cross, contrary, and disobedient with very difficult behavior. These children do not want to be touched or looked at turn away when approached. Nothing satisfies them for long. They are restless, fidgety and fretful, especially during sleep. They grind their teeth at night and wet the bed, and may have parasites, such as pinworms. Their sleep is restless, accompanied by jerking, frequent swallowing and coughing. They often sleep on their abdomen or on the hands and knees (Medorrhinum). They may have an irritated nose causing a constant desire to rub, pick, or bore into it until it bleeds. Their appetite can be ravenous with strong thirst, and craving for sweets. These children often have large bellies.


    Indicated for difficult children with poor impulse control, even though engaged in premeditated actions; talk excessively with episodes of mania and rage that might include hitting and screaming, also inclined to depression after manic phase; can be manipulative, lying, and violent; seem unable to think; unresponsive to questions or cannot bear anyone talking to them; intense and violent excitability with fear, delirium, and the delusion of being poisoned; feelings of abandonment, jealousy, suspicion; fears of dark, dogs, water; delirious; delusions of animals, of being pursued by enemies, as if she might be injured by surroundings; sees ghosts, specters; very animated, seeming silly and foolish; smiling and laughing at everything, often inappropriately; talks nonsense; acts out ridiculous gestures like a dancing clown or monkeys, trying to be center of attention, often with sexual overtones.


    Indicated for children who are violent or fearful; who are severely hyperactivity, easily terrified, and inclined to violent agitation and fits of rage; and whose speech is loud, fast, and possibly incoherent. These children show feelings of terror and abandonment. Their thirst is great, yet they dread water. They have fears of death; believe she is always alone, and are especially afraid to be alone at night, become overly vigilant to combat these fears and become violent if controlled. They have nightmares and night terrors that become increasingly worse between midnight and 2 a.m. they often awake screaming; see ghosts, specters, and spirits; have a horror of glistening objects; have delusions of animals, of danger; are clinging. They are aggressive; bite, kick, strike; use threatening language; can have seizures or personality change after a head injury, frightful episode, or trauma (especially being chased by dogs).

Veratrum album:

    Veratrum album is indicated for those who are inconsolable after fancied misfortune; have a racing mind and agitated actions; and are driven to act on impulses. They may show religious mania; are overly religious; feels s/he is in communication with God; delusions that s/he is a great person or somehow distinguished. They have delusions of animals; are always busy but often fruitlessly so; have impulses to kiss or touch others; are hurried, restless, and fidgeting, poking others; and are precocious.