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October 2009 | Volume 6 | Issue 10

Psychology of Veratrum Album


Sandeep kr. Srivastava, B.H.M.S- IIIrd prof.
L.B.S Homoeopathic Medical College
Bhopal (M.P.)
Mob. – 09893876622, 09713125392
Email: sandeepsrivastava6@gmail.com

    Introduction :
        veratrum album (White Hellebore) was introduced to homoeopathy by Dr. Hahnemann in 1805. It is known as one of the great remedies for pain and collapse.

    Hahnemann concept about Veratrum Album
    “Physicians have no notion of the power possessed by this drug to promote a cure of almost one-third of the insane in lunatic asylums (at all events as a homoeopathic intermediate remedy) because they know not the peculiar kind of insanity in which to employ it, nor the dose in which it should be administered in order to be efficacious and yet not injurious.”

    Hering describes the Veratrum Album Patient as “Young people and women of a sanguine or nervo-sanguine temperament, also people who are habitually cold and deficient in vital reaction, gay dispositions, and fitful mood.” Kent says “veratrum is a remedy that would keep many women out of the insane asylum, especially those with uterine trouble.”

    The mental symptoms of veratrum album are much more important for arriving at a proper selection of the remedy than its other symptoms.

    1. Mania/delirium
    A. Violent mania specially found in Belladona
    Restlessness is a true manic state. Sometimes the patient becomes violent and destructive
    Wants to destroy, wants to bite, to tear something, tear the clothes from the body due to cerebral congestion.

    B.Lasicivious mania- specially found in Hyoscyamus
    Sings obscene songs, thinks lewd thoughts, and exhibits immodesty.
    The patient does not want to cover his private parts, kick off the clothes and lies naked on the bed and exposes the person.
    Kissing everybody before menses, dislike to talk except in delirium. Nymphomania and satyriasis.
    C.Religious mania- specially found in Stramonium
    There is a state of religious frenzy, exhorts to preaches. Because of his rigid mind the veratrum patient is prone to religious fanaticism and might not accept any form of religion other than his own and he might try to “save the mutitudes.”

    2. Aggression and depression
    Veratrum can become quite aggressive when the balance he keeps through his dreamy state of mind is upset. His “on-button” lies right here: contradict him, insult him or make him sick: upset his mental or physical balance (here, especially, pain) or break his routines and he will start right up! The bigger the difference between the peace of his own world and beliefs and the outside influence or disturbance, contrary opinion or pain, the more vehement will be Veratrum album’s reaction.
    Veratrum is more likely to appear apathetic, calm, dreamy, numbed. On all planes, the depressive phases outweigh the manic ones. Veratrum is desparate of his recovery, sad and depressed – a dull mental state.

    Sometimes, Veratrum Album can be seen busy though. This should not been confused with a really active mind – it is more an activity of automatic character. A desire to move (physical) to sooth his mind or keep it in a quiet state. Just like a baby likes to be rocked on its mothers lap until it falls asleep, the Veratrum patient might engage in some kind of activity that does not require much mental exercise.

    3. Despair and insanity
    There is a state of brooding, full of despair, loss of courage and hopelessness. She is unconsolable over a fancied misfortune, runs around the room, howling and screaming and sits brooding in silence.

    Tendency to violent outbreaks, desire to strike around them.

    Suicidal tendency from religious despair.

    Young girls go on for years with menstrual difficulties and preceding each menstrual nisus is a state of despair, never smiles, the world seems blue, everything is dark, these are preparing for a marked state of insanity.

    Veratrum insanity would pile up chairs on the top. The patient does not want to be alone, yet persistently refuses to talk. Thinks that she is pregnant and will soon be delivered.

    4. Fear and anxiety
    Fear not a prominent symptom of Veratrum, however, we do have fears that revolve around loss of position, wealth and status, as well as fears that we might expect from a poison.

    Causes are
    Fright, especially during menses
    Injuries, mental symptoms from disappointed love- emotional excitement

    Fear of-
    Loss of money
    Perspiration, during
    Poisoned being, fear of.
    Social position, about.
    Robbers of.

    5. Rigidity
    One of the characteristics of Veratrum Album is ‘rigidity’. The Veratrum personality is quite stiff in thinking, and cannot tolerate contradiction at all. Veratrum’s mind seems to be single-tracked: Dogmatic – dictatorial – haughty

    Veratrum does feel like in a dream, functioning as long he isn’t awakened

    6. Loquacity
    Talks rapidly, never speaks the truth, does not know herself what she is saying.
    Disposed to silence or talk about the fault of others.

    7. Sensation
    Sensation of lump of ice on the vertex.
    “Profuseness” of all discharges is the key- note symptom. Therefore there is feeing of rapid sinking of the vital force especially during haemorrhage

    8. Goods and chattels
    Veratrum Album states can be brought on by loss of money and by wounded honor. Veratrum fears for his social position, for his job and worries about the presence of robbers as well.

    We have, thus tried to study Veratrum album from mental point of view. This study will give a wide range of mental aspect of Veratrum album which may be helpful in treating patients.