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Interview with Dr.Mahendra Kabra

Dr.Mahendra Kabra
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         Dr. Mahendra Kabra is a well known clinician, had gained popularity in the treatment of vitilgo patients. He had evidently presented many cases with photographs. Recipient of “Capri Award” and “Vivekanand Yuva Gaurav Award” is a well-known physician for Vitiligo treatment. His life partner Dr. Mamta Kabra also a Homoeopath, who is involved very much in his career. Dr.Mahendra Kabra gave a telephonic interview for Homoeo Times readers and consented with some photographs. Dr.Sabira and Dr.Anuradha had a talk with him

Dr.Sabira: We are pleased to see your successful treatment for Vitiligo What is the success rate Doctor?

Good Evening! The success rate is quite good. Many cases had improved well.

Dr.Anuradha: What type of cases you get more?

I get all types of vitiligo and Leucoderma. Mostly the patients come after establishing a chronic state.

Dr.Sabira: Which sex, age group is affected more?

Both sexes are equally affected. Most patients get the lesions before the age of twenty.

Dr Anuradha: What is the predisposition of patients in heredity? Do you categorize the patients?

Around 30% of the patients inherited in vitiligo and in leucoderma exposure to synthetic stuffs like clothes, and footwear, increase the chances. We don’t categorize the patients. Sometimes it helps for selecting regional remedies.

Dr.Sabira: Vitiligo is a one sided disease. Usually physicians find difficult to collect the symptoms! How do you proceed?

Like all other one sided diseases we proceed. We focus more on family history, past history, the temperament of the patient. We focus more on mental symptoms.

Dr.Anuradha: What is the basis of prescription? Constitutional or miasmatic?

It is on Constitutional basis.

Dr.Sabira :Do you use intercurrent remedies?

Yes. I use intercurrent remedies like Bacillinum, Thuja, and Medorrhoinum …

Dr.Anuradha: Do you advise diet specially for vitiligo ?

Yes, All kinds of animal food, milk and artificial foods to be avoided. Even we advice to avoid sour…we go for Natural food.

Dr.Sabira:What is the importance of mental symptoms in prescription? Which remedy suits the vitiligo patients in curing the patients from your experience?

Certainly! It helps in remedy selection. It has helped in many cases. I use around 50 remedies. Most of them are polycrests. Polycrests like Merc sol., Bacillinum, Thuja, Selenium, Sepia, Natrum Carb, Natrum mur Arsenic, Silicea, Tuberculinum. But never used ASF

Dr.Anuradha :What’s your opinion about auxiliary treatment like sun exposure and external application?

We are against it. Only internal medicines we advise. but some times I use the same potency as external as mentioned in our Organon of medicine.

Dr.Sabira: Do you think that mother tinctures have any value to application?

No I do not use mother tinctures; only constitutional medicines is my practice.

Dr.Anuradha: What is the duration of treatment to a patient?

It depends…from few weeks to years; in some patients more than 15 years.

Dr.Sabira: Is it true that dark skinned people improve fast rather than fair complexion?

It is true! Dark skin reacts better; Arsenicum alb had improved many patients

Dr.Anuradha: What is the potency of Choice in your practice? What is your advice to the budding homoeopaths?

I use only LM potencies! I destroyed all centesimal potencies in my clinic. Really it works well. I advice every body to use LM potencies in your practice.