April 2011|Volume 8|Issue 4
Apr 2011|Vol 8|Issue 4


...tributes to the founder

Dear Readers,
       We are paying our tributes to the founder of Homoeopathy Dr.Samuel Hahnemann by celebrating the birth anniversary at every where around the world. This special day is remembered by hosting conferences, seminars, workshops, continued medical education programs unusually. Recently the world declared as “World Homoeopathic Day” and celebrated as World Homoeopathic Awareness Week and rallies also arranged by various organizations.

       Today, our medicine is considered as second choice and as an alternative, complementary to modern system, we face more curdles, criticism and challenges on clinical efficacy. We know that our system is based on individualistic study and the medicines are dynamic. The modern community and the public forums are in need for evidence based studies based on nosological classification and universal medical prescription.

       This may suited in cases of pandemics, epidemic outburst of infectious disease by applying a remedy recommended as Genus epidemcus, but in chronic cases Hahnemann emphasize us to treat by understanding the individualization. Hahnemann contributed a special practical book to the universe “The Chronic Diseases” in which he gives a clear message to treat by understanding the miasms.

       Today we see lot of scientific and philosophical schools around us which illustrated these messages in different formats. These informations, messages, practical clues are already given by the genius founder.

       To become a successful practitioner, everyone should be master not only in Materia Medica alone but also in Organon of Medicine with a unique application of his special writings, with a probe or key part of repertorisation. This contribution to every case will be our great respect to our founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann!

with regards