August 2005 | Volume 2| Issue 8



Arsenicum Album in Allergic Dermatitis

Dr.P.Victor Dass


    Skin complaints are very common in our day-to-day practice. Homoeopathy has shown its efficacy in treating allergic dermatitis, which is a challenge to other systems of medicine. Here Dr.Victor Dass a young dynamic practitioner had treated successfully and presented here with evidence based photographs.

    A male patient aged 48 years consulted me for his skin complaints since three years. He had dry, scaly. Itching, lesions on his dorsum of his right hand. Itching worsened at night and better with hot water application. Sometimes he dipped his hand into hot water.

    Burning was another complaint, which proceeded after itching.

    Initially he had tried all medications, even the antibiotics, steroids and so on. When the complaints recurred every year again and again, he preferred homoeopathy treatment. He is moderately thin, tall and employed in an agro chemical shop. He feels weak even for little work and also restless all the day.

    His past history gave that he had chicken pox when he was eleven years old and had frequent cold and cough. None of the family members showed allergic tendency both maternal and paternal sides.


Dry, Scaly, Blackish skin lesions

Itching with burning

Itching < night

Itching > hot application

Annual return of complaints

Restless –Physical and Mental

    Highest symptom similarity directed me to prescribe Arsenicum Album. I took a photo before I started the treatment

Refer the before treatment photograph given in back wrapper

First Prescription                                                        12.05.2004

Rx     Arsenicum Album 200 / 3 doses o.d
         SL for fifteen days

 Follow Up 1                                                                  29.05.2004

     Itching better
         Dryness, scaling better
         Burning +++
Rx     SL for fifteen days

 Follow Up 2                                                                  21.06.2004

        Well improved
Rx    Arsenicum Album 3 doses /o.d
        SL for fifteen days

Follow Up 3                                                                  10.07.2004

        Complaints disappeared

Refer the after treatment photograph given in back wrapper

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